Monday, January 10, 2011

Tough To Hear

Today I heard something come out of Kacey's mouth that I never thought I'd ever hear!

I woke her up at 6:45am like I normally do and she grumbled. Yep, she'd been high all night...AGAIN! It seems like we just can't get these basals right. So she gets up and she comes out where I am and shes crying. And then....those words came out of her mouth like diarrhea.....

"Mom I hate school and I don't want to go"

I gasped and looked up at her. There she sat...tears rolling down her face telling me she hated school. WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?! I asked her why she would say something like that? Was it the teachers? No. Was it the kids? No. Was it the school work? No. Then WHY? She said, "I don't like getting up when I feel bad and I want to do the work when I feel good." My heart broke into a million pieces!

Dear Diabetes,
Today Kacey woke up like any other normal day but today was a bit different. She has finally reached her breaking point with you. You are causing her to not like school now because she has to get up after you've reaked havoc on her body all night. I know she's growing and I know her hormones are a mess but PLEASE give my poor kid a break! She used to love school and she was happy there and now you make her miserable. Most days she can't even make it til 2pm before calling me to tell me that you're spiking her over 400. How do you expect her to learn like that? She can't focus, her head hurts, her stomach hurts, she can't see the board because it hurts too bad to try and look at the white board. Stop this now! I can't tell you how many times homeschooling has crossed my mind. It seems like the answer to everything but it's not fair that she has to be taken away from the friends she has had for the last 6 years and be with me all day. I'm asking you to just settle down for a bit so she can catch a break.
Thank you so much!
A very worn out Mommy

BTW....morning blood sugar...330. BLECH!


NikDuck said...

I'm sorry she's having such a rough time lately...poor girl. I feel your pain. I have no advice since you've been at this longer than me. Thinking of you and praying for things to improve.

Michelle said...

Arg! Yet one more lesson our little children have to learn earlier than most other people. Most people don't have to learn to marshal their strength for work after a night of ill health until they are adults (and they can't afford to take the day off).

My first grader has voiced similar feelings after long nights of crazy numbers. I too have to go to work the next day after having been up all night with him. His teachers, nurses, and the school are so supportive. I send them an email letting them know what to expect and that he might need a little more oomph than usual to be motivated. I feel your pain and want you to know that you are not alone. Kacey's not alone either, poor girl.

Shannon@ The New Normal Life said...

Jill I am weeping for you right now.. I AM SO Sorry she has to go through this.... My heart broke as I read this post as I am sure yours did as she told you. Please know my friend I am here praying and fighting and wishing for a cure right along side of you...
question I know that we have the adult support group Ivent been yet but do we have a kids support group yet??

Joanne said...

Oh Jill, I hate everything this disease takes away from our kids. It must have ripped your heart in two.

Reyna said...

That is awful! I am sorry.

I was just thinking the same thing, in essence, on my run this morning. I wish people could understand how freakin' fantastic our children are...that they are out there living life, going to school, playing sports, playing instruments...etc...when many times they don't feel great. Joe dropped 300 points during a hockey game yesterday - that has to feel like crapola...yet, he didn't say a thing. LOVE to KACEY from Joe and I.