Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rough 48 Hours

It's been a rough 48 hours in the West household!

Yesterday I ended up keeping Kacey home from school. I called the Orthopedic doctor and she can't be casted until Thursday at 9:15am. She was ready to go to school but then she started getting the pains that were shooting to her elbow again and she was crying so I figured it wasn't worth letting her go and then getting a call to come get her. She ended up going back to sleep after I gave her some Motrin and didn't wake up until 11:30am! She needed the rest after a very restless night. She layed around the entire day.
This morning, she woke up and she cried because she wanted to go to school. I had a sub job lined up and so we went to school :) Her wonderful teacher agreed to do her fingersticks since she can't do them on her own. She only had one problem today. She waited too long to go to the bathroom and she couldn't get her pants down in time! Thankfully I keep extra clothes at school so she just changed and went on about her day. This afternoon, the Motrin I gave her had worn off and she was feeling the pain again. Once we got home, she got her Motrin and I noticed her messing with the splint. She said her hand was still dirty and she had sand in it. DUH! It dawned on me that when she fell, she scraped her hand and she was covered in dirt. It never got washed when we were at the hospital. They just splinted her and sent us out. So I took a chance and I unwrapped it while she was in the bath and layed it on the side of the tub. I gently washed her hand and then rewrapped it the way it was. At least now it's clean for tomorrow :) She's not complained much this evening and she said she will be glad to get the cast because the splint is keeping her from using her fingers. Huh? Ohhhh duh! We cut the fingersticks to one hand since the other fingers were swollen and wrapped. Ugh! (Sorry Kacey!) So she went from having 8 fingers to use for fingersticks to having 4 (she doesnt use thumbs). Poor thing!
Speaking of diabetes....her numbers have been surprisingly great! I guess I shouldn't speak too loud...LOL! I thought with all the pain, she'd have some pretty good highs and she's not. Actually they've been in the lower 100's :)
So, tomorrow is the big day...Cast Day! I'll have camera in hand :)


Amy said...

Oh the poor thing! Your picture of her is so sweet- I just want to hug her!
Eli broke his arm really bad last fall- the day before school started. His first 2-3 days were just misery- he had to have surgery to put all the bones back in place. If I didn't stay ahead of the pain- it was so excruciating that he could barely talk- just cry. So- I'm feelin' bad for your little girl right now! I'm so glad the d-monster is minding it's manners for you right now, too! Lots of hugs and prayers!

Wendy said...

Oh, that poor baby!!!! You're doing a great job taking care of her...keep up the good work and give her a big hug from Addy (and the rest of us!)

mom2wendy said...

You speak so tenderly when talking about her little fingers and cleaning her little hand. Your devotion shines through in your words. Tomorrow will be a better day and the next one after that. Broken bones do heal, unlike diabetes....another sigh.

mom2wendy said...

Hey..couldn't help but notice that Wendy and I are on the same wave length. Check the time....Both of us thinking of both of you at the same time even though we are 2500 miles a part. What can I's a mother-daughter thing and it is great!((hugs)) to you and your duaghter.

Joanne said...

Glad to hear her numbers are doing well with everything that's going on. Poor girl, though she does look awfully sweet in that photo.

Shamae said...

Awww poor Kacey! I hope she feels better soon! Good luck with the cast.