Monday, June 1, 2009

Emergency Room Trip

We just got home from the Emergency Room with Kacey. Nope, not diabetes related.

Frankie called to tell us he was on his way home. Her normal ritual is to go outside and ride her bike until he gets here and then she goes out to feed the dogs with him. So she went out with Kayleigh and they made about 4 passes back and forth when Kacey lost control of her bike and slipped off the seat causing her to crash. She landed with all her weight on her arm. She let out a blood curdling scream and Kayleigh wrecked her bike trying to get to her. Kacey couldn't move her arm and she brought her back in the house screaming. I knew something was wrong when she couldn't move her fingers and she was screaming so hard that I had to sit her down and calm her before she could tell me what happened. Frankie got home about 10 minutes after she did it and I knew we were going to have to take her into the ER. He took his shower while I sat with her and she was still crying in pain. I got her ice and gave her Motrin because I knew thats what they were going to do when we got to the ER. She cried the entire way and thankfully they weren't crowded when we got there. Only one person ahead of us :) They took her right into xray and I was able to tag along. As soon as she did the xray, I could see it on the screen and I knew it was broke. The girl that did them is also one of the moms on the PTA at Kacey's school so we knew her. I asked her if it was broke and she told me she couldn't tell me but it "didn't look right". The nurse came back in....yep it's broke and now I have to make her an appointment to see the Orthopedic doctor to be casted! They put her in a split for now. Her little wrist is so swollen :( and she's still in so much pain. Ugh! When it rains, it REALLY pours! So there goes any swimming or amusement parks for us for 6 weeks.
I'll post once I know more about "Cast Day".


Colleen said...

Awww, poor Kacey. I'm sorry she's hurt.

Laura said...

Feel Better Soon Kacey .. Hugs

Wendy said...

OH NO!!!!! Kacey...I'll be praying for you.

I broke my arm when I was fun :(

Hang in there Team Kacey!!!! I'll be praying for you!

k2 said...

Hang in there friend!! I broke my wrist in 2002 and it does get better!
FYI, acrylic chopsticks really help to scratch under the cast!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Major suckage Kacey! Hang in there buddy! I broke both my arms one summer (no, not at the same time) - it was quite an experience.

I hope you heal quickly and without too much discomfort!

Shamae said...

Oh poor Kacey. I hope she gets out of pain soon! :-(

Joanne said...

What a horrible way to start the summer off! I hope her arm heals quickly and with very little pain. Poor girl.

AjsMommy82 said...

Oh man that really sucks! I actually just broke my wrist in January and had a cast all the way up to my shoulder for 8 weeks! It was horrible...can't even imagine being a young child going through that! I'll pray for her full recovery (I'm STILL going through physical therapy and can't turn my wrist all the way)

Molly said...

So sorry to hear about your arm. That's awful.
Don't rule out swimming and water park stuff yet! There are bags that they sell to put over casts, and some casts are waterproof. I had a broken arm a few summers ago, and the cast that I had could get wet. I just showered and swam with it.
(and the cast tech made me a cast to match Dixie. It was black with a red stripe around it!)

mom2wendy said...

I am so sorry. Wendy broke her arm falling out of palm tree, yep 'tis true. I wrapped her arm in plastic and she went to the pool WITH certian restrictions. Maybe you could try it with Kacey?