Monday, June 1, 2009

Long Weekend!

Whew! What a long weekend! It was exciting and very eventful...LOL!

Things started Saturday morning when we met my Mom for breakfast as usual. Golden Corral. (enough said!) Starting out the day on carb overload...bolus for 135 carbs...yikes! So we left there and went to Walmart to do some shopping for Kayleigh's trip. I can't believe she's due to leave in 2 1/2 weeks! We didn't find everything we needed so we slipped by Target to see if they had what we were looking for. I still wasn't "awake" yet and once I saw Starbucks then I was feelin pretty alive. I got myself a coffee, Mom a coffee and Kayleigh a coffee. Kacey doesn't like hot coffee and she's never had any of it cold but she was perfectly content with her Diet Coke. So we're waiting for our coffees to be made and the other lady made the next man's Frappaccino wrong. She set it to the side and made him the right kind. After he left, she asked me if she could split the caramel Frappaccino with my girls. Both of their faces lit up. I agreed, of course. It's not every day you get FREE Starbucks! Kacey stood there with the biggest grin as I watched the lady swirl a ton of whipped cream on top and then smother it with caramel swirls. She handed them to the girls and Kayleigh immediately started to sip. Kacey looked at me with approval and said, "How much?". It was the unspoken language between us and I knew what she meant. I'd never bolused for this before and given the amount of syrup on top I replied, "Let's try 60 and we'll see what happens." She pulled her pump out, bolused and then took the biggest sip with a HUGE smile! For that moment, I felt happy. Even though I knew she was on carb overload already, I didn't tell her "no" and she was enjoying it!We walked to the car, got about 2 miles up the road and half way through the Frappaccino when I hear, "Mom, this is making me sugar sick." Uhoh! She's sitting in the backseat and holding her tummy as she hands me whats left of her drink. Great! This means she's got tons of active insulin for a drink she didn't finish. So I'm praying that the active insulin will help with the carb overload from breakfast.

We got back to my Mom's house and I'd bought stuff for the girls to make subs for lunch. I notice Kacey is laying down on the couch (yep! shes dropping low) so I make her test and shes down to a 101 with 4 units active...yowser!! I make her lunch and only make her bolus for 10 carbs. It was now time for me to leave her. My "Mommy nerves" were kicking in and I felt myself choking up but I knew I had to hold it back because the moment she saw me upset then she wouldn't stay. I kissed both girls and out the door I went. Yep...I cried all the way home! For some reason, I felt so guilty. Why should I feel guilty for going out with my friends and having fun with my husband. I know I shouldn't but I was feeling it! I got about 5 miles up the road and my phone rang....omg! already? Kacey had left her backpack in the car...ugh! So we had to take the backpack back to Mom's house since that had all her extra supplies in it, including glucagon and emergency instructions & numbers. More hugs and kisses goodbye and we were on our way! I knew the girls were going to have tons of fun because they were going to play putt-putt with my Mom & Brian and then they were going out to eat at Olive Garden. My Mom went online and pulled up the menu which gave the carbs for the alfredo Kacey was going to eat along with the bread sticks (Go Nae!) of carbs for her meal...155! Crap! She's been on carb overload all day but she's still smiling and having fun so I'm gonna let her be free today.

It wasn't long before I got a text to my phone. It was Kayleigh and she wanted to let me know they were on their way to a surprise place (she didn't know where they were going) and Kacey's blood sugar was a 271. Do we correct? I told her not to since she'd be playing and she could test afterward. She tests after putt-putt and I get another text.... "Mom, shes a 259 and we are going to eat. Do we correct?" so I send her one back "Yep correct and bolus for the 155". She continues to text me and tell me about putt-putt and I can't help but feel a bit sidetracked. We were at dinner with 6 other couples and Frankie looks over at me and asks me if I'm ok. I nod and smile. He then says "You miss them don't you?" I got so choked up because I honestly did miss them and I felt weird leaving them. We laughed and joked about me needing a drink to get my mind off of it. We finished our dinner at Keagan's Irish Pub and then walked across the street to the comedy club. We weren't in there long when my phone vibrated with another text..."She is a 428, do we correct? She wants a snow cone with sugar free syrup. Can she have it?" Well, guess we know what Olive Garden pasta does to her now...LOL! "Yep, correct! Yep, she can have it!" and then I get "Thanks Mom! Have fun!" *sigh* My own daughter is telling me to have fun. Two hours later, one more text from Mom this time. "Kacey is still a 373. Do you want me to give her anymore insulin?" I didn't want Mom to have to correct through the night so I told her to correct one more time and then just do the 2am check and I'd deal with things in the morning when I got there. We got back home around 11:45pm...actually paused when we passed my Mom's road and the thought of picking the girls up crossed our minds...but we figured we'd leave them and go on home. When we got home, the house was so quiet! It was just the two of us and I felt this emptiness inside. As I got into bed, I leaned over to set the alarm out of habit. The tears started rolling! I could finally sleep all night and yet I wasn't happy about it.

I picked the girls up yesterday morning and they were all smiles! Mom told me how her night went over breakfast. She got up for the 2am check but then because Kacey was high, Herbie beeped again 2 hours later...LOL! Mom said it scared her as she fumbled in the dark to see what the beeping was on Kacey's pump. She tested her and she was still bopping in the 200's. Herbie went off again 2 hours after that...LOL and it woke Mom up again. I think she has a new found respect for the times when I say, "I didn't get any sleep!"...haha! The girls were chatterboxes on the way home. They told me all about how much fun they had. As they were talking about dinner, Kacey went on to tell me about the croutons she tried with Olive Garden dressing and the half of a breadstick Nae gave her. Whoa! Wait! I felt like a little lightbulb went off. THATS why she shot up to the 400's! So when I talked to Mom later that afternoon, I asked her about it and she said she didn't think that it was enough carbs to dose for. LOL! So I explained to her that Kacey HAS to dose for every single thing she puts in her mouth if it has carbs. The croutons and half a breadstick were about 20 carbs and for Kacey that is 2 whole units of insulin! So it was definately a learning experience. The highlight of the whole weekend was when Kacey hugged me and said, "Mommy, I had fun with NaeNae and I know she knows how to take care of me now because she could do my fingersticks in the middle of the night and I didn't feel them." *sigh* Wow! Something as simple as knowing how to do a fingerstick makes Kacey feel like the person can care for her. Thats a BIG deal in our house! I'm sure it will get easier for me to leave her the more we do it. I guess after almost a year of keeping her close to my side, I have to let someone else learn how to care for her.

Yesterday was a bit of a sad day for me. I got the suitcase down for Kayleigh. We've been buying things for her trip over the last few weeks and when we went shopping on Saturday, I got her several new pairs of shorts and some other things she wanted to take with her. She had a pile of stuff and so I brought in the suitcase so she can start laying everything in there and packing things she wasn't going to wear in the next 18 days. Yep...18 more days and then she leaves for 7 weeks. I started crying just thinking about it yesterday because she's never been away from home longer than a week and that was when she was forced to spend the week with her biological father because the court gave him that time during the summer with her. By the 4-5th day, she was already crying to come home :( ...and now she is leaving for 7 weeks! So it just made me sad to think about how much I'm going to miss her and how much she actually helps me out around the house. It's just going to be me and Kacey during the day.

Here are a few pics from our date out....My drink- The Rubber Chicken....haha I swear thats what it was called and it was amazing!

This is my good friend Dawn & I with our Rubber Chickens...LOL! Mmhmm...the rosy cheeks are always a good sign :)
This is Frankie and his childhood best friend James (Dawn's hubby) when we were at Keagan's for dinner. LOL...when you put those two together, you're bound to laugh til your tummy hurts!

I'll have pics of the girls at putt-putt when my Mom gets them to me. So I'll share those soon :)


Wendy said...

I'm so happy you guys were able to get out an enjoy some time with friends! Diabetes adds an entirely new element to DATE NIGHT!!!!

Irish pubs are so much fun :) And a comedy show too...YIPPEE!!!!!

Sounds like everyone had fun. Win-Win.

Love it :)

Shannon said...

I was stressed just reading that! I hope you had fun though!