Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MIA- Missing In Action/Advance

Wow! It's been nearly a week since I last posted. Things here have been extremely busy with me subbing everyday, the end of school nearing fast and Kayleigh's trip coming.

Last weekend, we did some more clothes shopping and Kayleigh is set for her trip. I think it finally hit her that she's leaving and she's become a ball of nerves. Happy. Sad. Excited. Scared. Nervous. Everything rolled into one! I had not let her see me cry and this past weekend she asked me if I was glad she was going? How do you answer something like that? I immediately got tears in my eyes and told her I was VERY happy that she had this opportunity of a lifetime but I was also going to miss her TONS! We had a good cry together. I think she's nervous because she's never been away from home more than a weekend because she wanted to and no more than a week because she was made to go visit her real Dad by the court when she was little and didn't like it. I know she will be just fine when she gets there and my brother has so much planned for her! She is going to be so surprised when she finds out that he is taking her to a luau! I just wish I could be there to experience all of this with her. Sadly diabetes wins over this year but with some saving we might be able to experience it next year.

Fortunately I've been able to sub quite a bit at the school. I love being in the classroom and on Friday, I got to teach Kacey's class for the first time. That was fun! She did just fine with me in the classroom and all of the kids were on their best behavior. I finally got to see how Kacey's day goes and how busy they stay. No wonder she's tired when she comes home! I was exhausted!

Speaking of Kacey...she's adjusted well to having her arm in the cast. She finally figured out how to test her blood sugar on her own with the cast on. Sometimes she surprises me with how headstrong and determined she is...LOL wonder where she gets that? She hasn't complained of any pain and just the other day she asked if she could ride her bike. WHAT?!?! I don't think so! That's what got her into this mess to start with. She doesn't know what to do with herself because when we come home from school, her routine is to do her homework and then go ride her bike. She's been sulking around because she wants to get back on it. Guess I should be thankful she isn't scared of it!

This past weekend also brought on some fun with friends. We made S'mores on the grill...yep no bonfire...just grill fire...haha! The girls loved it :) Kacey was so excited when she started with a blood sugar in the 150's and two hours later she was in the 120's. She gave me this grin and said "I guessed the bolus right!" and I didn't dare wanna ruin the moment and tell her it was really because she was running around outside. It was a great feeling though!

Diabetes hasn't been a main focus lately. Things have gotten pretty stable and I'm sure it's Kacey's activity level that is keeping things level. Having the cast on hasn't stopped her from running around and playing! She's had some highs but they are not as common as they had been. So, THANK YOU D-Monster for staying put and letting Kacey enjoy life for a while!

I had two moments this week when Kacey really surprised me with how well she knows her diabetes. The first one was on Monday. One of the little girls in her class brought in brownies for her birthday. Brownies! Yikes! That's asking for a sugar jump! I was working at her school and figured I'd get a call asking me what to bolus? Did my phone ring? Nope! I just figured she didn't eat one....until she came running to me afterschool and told me how "fudgie" the brownies were. ***gasp*** "Kacey did you bolus?" and then she gives me this look like I asked her something I shouldn't have and she replied "MOM! Do you think I would eat a brownie and NOT bolus?" ***smack*** "No but you didn't call me to ask me how many carbs?" ....."I didn't have to. I got the smallest brownie on the tray and bolused for 20 carbs." YOU WHAT?!?! Wowwww! Ok so ummmm she didn't need me because she did it all on her own. Of course, she was about 10 carbs off but still...she owned her diabetes and took charge of doing things. Can I ask for anymore? Absolutely not! Everything I've instilled in her these last 11 months has finally clicked and she did it on her own. The second time was today. Another test for her! We took cupcakes into school today. Yep, CUPCAKES loaded with icing on top. Why? Because we wanted to show everyone that just because you have diabetes doesn't mean you can't have a cupcake for a class party. Nothing pisses me off more than for another parent to say, "Oh! Can she eat a cupcake?" Of course she can eat the damn cupcake! All she has to do is press a button now! Does she eat cupcakes everyday? No. But she CAN have it! So I walked in with 24 cupcakes and I'm sure you can imagine the big eyeballs I got. I never told Kacey how many carbs were in each cupcake and I wanted to see how she handled herself again. As I said, another test! I waited for the call and once again, nothing. After school, she came walking out with 6 left over cupcakes and a grin a mile wide. I didn't have to ask her if she bolused because I knew she did. We spoke in "D-language" while everyone around us wondered what we were talking about. "So how much did you dose for?" "30?" "Hmmm maybe? We'll see what happens in the next hour." ***hour passes*** Test- 202. "Just a little off but you're getting good at this!" She smiled and hugged me. She's just so pleased with herself and she's really starting to gain that independence back that was stolen from her a year ago.

Sunday brought some excitement. When Miley had the kittens, she had them on the porch and then moved them under one of my bushes in my flower bed. Two days later, she moved them to an undisclosed location! We hadn't seen them in nearly 4 weeks. I was almost certain she'd moved them and forgot where she put them...LOL! She spent more and more time hanging out on the front porch and so I figured they were all dead. We'd accepted that it was what had happened to them and even though we were sad, it wasn't like we'd gotten attached to them because she had moved them before we got the chance to love on them. Soooooo....imagine the shock when I heard Kayleigh scream from the front porch, "MOOMMMMMMMM COME QUICK!!!" I thought she was hurt and I went bursting out the front door to see her doing a happy dance and screaming "Look! Look! They're ALIVE!" When I looked into the barrel we have on the front porch for Miley to sleep in, this is what I saw.....
Three of the five babies were alive! I immediately bent down to scoop one of them up and got hissed at. Uhoh! I forgot this was the first time they were seeing humans so they were very scared. I sat out there for a while with them taking pics. They girls finally got to hold them :) Sadly it was just for a short while because when we came back from our outing for the day, they were gone again! She'd moved them back to an undisclosed location. We've tried to watch and see where she is going but she's so sneaky and when we follow her she just lays at our feet waiting for a tummy rub.

We also decided last Sunday that we'd swing into Busch Gardens since Mercy Me was playing and I really wanted to see them. We got there when Stellar Kart was on and they were really good! By the time Mercy Me took the stage, it was so packed and the girls were hot and wanted to go ride the rides. We met our new neighbors over there and we really had a great time with them! Josh bought the girls and his kids (ages 5 & 2) some ice cream and we had a fun evening.
I think that about sums up the last few days. I've got some busy days ahead. I have to take Kayleigh to get her ID card made with the DMV so she has legal proof of who she is with a picture on it since she'll be traveling. I work all week this week, except for Friday, which is FIELD DAY! The day I've been dreading all year...but now that she has the cast she is going to be limited (heehee!) I know I shouldn't laugh but I know she won't be having the drops like she would of if she was really participating. I'm still going to be outside helping as I need to. They also get yearbooks on Friday so that will be lots of fun!

This Saturday brings on high school graduation. Frankie's cousin is graduating and we are hopefully going to be attending that followed by a party :) I can't believe Justin is graduating...seems like just yesterday he was born! (I knew his Mom long before I married Frankie who is cousins with his dad) Way to Go Jus! Good luck :)

Then, next week brings on some final days to the school year. We have the teacher lunch on Monday. Kacey has her 3rd grade awards ceremony on Tuesday. Then on Thursday they have their pizza party and they get out of school early since it's the LAST day! Then.....Friday....yep I'll say it again, Kayleigh leaves for 7 WEEKS! :(

I'll post as I can over the next few days! Hope everyone is doing well and I'll take a moment to catch up on blogs soon. (((HUGS))) to you all!


Wendy said...

I was about to post on my blog "WHERE IS JILL???" and then you showed up :)

So happy to hear you guys are doing well -- sizzlin' HOT pink cast and all ;)

Mmmm...brownies AND cupcakes...WAY TO GO KACEY!!!!

I've been waiting to hear about those kittens...they're so cute!!!! Looks like mama cat is doing a fine job.

Kayleigh is going to blossom in Hawaii. What a fantastic opportunity...oh, geez...she's about the right age for an innocent "summer love" YIKES...how do they grow up so fast???? Even still, I hear your heart -- so excited for her, but it's so hard at the same time.

Shamae said...

I was wondering where you disappeared to as well! I did a blog post yesterday and, ideally needed some input from some older Type 1 kids and thought Kacey would be perfect to tell her opinion on the b.s. stuff.

Anyway sounds like things have been really busy! I am glad Kacey is adjusting so well and it sounds like she is getting so good at managing her diabetes! GO KACEY!!! Thanks for the update to let us know you are all doing well!!

Rachel said...

WOW you have been busy! :) I'm glad to hear that Kacey is taking on more responsibility towards her diabetes! Tristan is starting to ask me more questions but we are nowhere near where Kacey is yet! :)

Time does fly by! It seems like yesterday you posted about Kayleigh going to Hawaii and now the time is almost here! I am so jealous, she will have such a great time!

What is the field trip that Kacey is going on? Did you post it and I missed it?

Amy said...

So good to catch up on what's keeping you busy! :) I love to hear how Kacey is doing and how well she is learning to care for herself! It's my hope that I can teach Jada as well you've taught Kacey- to be self- sufficient and self- controlled! (as I'm writing this, Jada has just snuck a cracker! )
I'll be praying for you as Kayleigh prepares to leave! She's going to have a blast!

Joanne said...

Wow, you have an amazing kiddo there! Elise has started grabbing her monitor and multiclix and pretending to test her own BG lately. She gives me the biggest, proudest grin when she does it, so I can only hope she will be as well-adjusted as Kacey when she gets older.