Monday, June 15, 2009

Field Day, Awards, Vacation & Other Mumbo Jumbo

It's been another week since I've posted! I'll be so glad when school ends and I can get back into the groove here. Sorry for being so neglectful!

This past week in the West household has been full of tears, laughter, nerves, excitement and lots of smiles.

I worked every single day last week and that made things very busy for us. Last Friday was the dreaded FIELD DAY! Kacey started the afternoon of fun with a blood sugar of 249. I knew we didn't have to worry about any lows at that point. An hour later, she'd only come down to a 243 and she wanted the 2 orange slices that were being given for the snack. Sure! She bolused 10 and did a correction. Another hour later and the end of field day, she was sitting at a wonderful 123! Could I ask for a better ending? Nope! She was limited to things she could do outside but the cast didn't stop her from having fun. She still cheered her friends on and I made sure to squeeze the sponge on her head so she got wet too!
The hoola hoop race
Orange smiles
Taking a break on the cooler
Kacey & Mrs. M (her teacher)

This past weekend, we had a cousin's graduation and a graduation party....POOL included. Yep, I cringed when we were told to bring our swimsuits. Diabetes + Cast does NOT = POOL. Kacey gave me the sad puppy dog face when I mentioned none of us getting in the pool. Then the idea of "Oh, well Kacey can sit on the side and get her feet wet!" shifted to "We'll hook her up!" Ummmm hook her up? Yep, her arm fit perfectly inside a bread bag which was then duct taped around her arm and then placed upon a float. She won't get it wet now! NOT! The sun was beaming down on that cast filled bread bag which inturn caused some condensation.

Condensation = SWEAT!
Sweat + Smell of fermented bread yeast= GROSS STINKY CAST!

I pulled her out of the pool every 30 min. She started at a 331. Bit excited? LOL! 30 min later she'd dropped to a 183. Then 30 min after that she was down to a 99. Snack time! She got out and ate a brownie bolus! And 30 min later....118 :) Perfect! It was time to get out of the pool and I was thrilled that we didn't have any lows to deal with.

Today was Kacey's 3rd grade awards ceremony. The Y3W presentation was done on a power point and it was AMAZING! Yep, I cried! Kacey also received several awards. The award that meant the most....A/B Honor Roll! She did it! She brought those grades back up to A's & B's. It's amazing what happens when diabetes actually bows down and takes the backseat! Her blood sugars have been absolutely amazing and she's felt so good! (Please don't let this jinx her) I really had no clue she'd made Honor Roll until her teacher called her name. I was just as shocked as Kacey was and immediately welled up with tears. For some, that doesn't mean anything....but for the parents of Type 1 means EVERYTHING! It means Kacey can manage her diabetes AND be an Honor Roll student but this also means we have some control over what her body is doing! (Thanks Herbie!)

We're down to the final countdown with Kayleigh. She's shed lots of tears in the last few days. Exams are kicking her butt this year and then she leaves on Friday. I can't believe the time is here! We're packing her suitcase tomorrow. The last day of school is Thursday and then she leaves for Hawaii on Friday morning. I've got all the legal paperwork done and notarized so she's all set to go! I'll be sharing pics as she emails them to me.

We're still really busy this week but next week we should have some time to relax. I'll be back to my normal posting routine. I'll catch up sooner or later ;)

More soon!


Rachel said...

Congratulations Kacey!!!! I'm so happy for her. And truth be told, my eyes teared up a little when I read. I've been reading your blog for a while now so I know the ups and downs that you have been facing. I also remember those posts about her grades and thinking to myself that I have to remember this for when Tristan is older. So I am very happy and I mean that from the bottom of my heart!

As for Hawaii.... I can't wait to see the pictures! :) I travel through everybody's pictures LOL

Amy said...

Jill- Congrats to Kacey AND YOU on that honor roll! You have worked so hard and that's a reflection of the support Kacey has received from one awesome mom! I am so happy for you!
Swimming is one of those things that just wreaks havoc on Jada- usually causing lows for hours afterwords- so glad Kacey got to jump in and the d-monster behaved!:)
I'm sure these next few days will be busy and tearful with Kayleigh getting ready to jump on a plane- I'll be praying that things go smoothly and you're able to get all your last minute stuff done!

Wendy said...

SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS!!!!! Yippee :) That's awesome!!!! Geez, I feel like I was sitting in the crowd cheering!!!!

(((HUGS))) hard to watch them grow up. LOTS of prayers coming your way...and long distance hugs...


Jill said...

Thank you all so much!!
It was quite an accomplishment for her to bring those grades back up to Honor Roll. She worked really hard but the most important thing showed everyone how much diabetes can affect your body, your thinking, your entire being! When her sugars ran high consistantly then she couldn't stay focused and her grades suffered. Once her sugars leveled out and the D-monster took the backseat, then she was able to really focus and prove that she really did belong in that gifted class :)

Lots of tears today! I got her ID card in the mail so she's got her photo ID as proof of who she is. Got all the *important* documents put into a folder. Went through all of them with her. Made her a list of addresses to mail postcards. Made her a list of all her websites and passwords to them all (Myspace, Facebook, iTunes, etc) so she can get into them without having to ask me...LOL! Also downloaded msn chat for her so she can chat with me in the evenings when shes not doing anything. *sigh* I've started a list of things to check off to make sure she's got everything....and we're packing her up tonight!

Tomorrow is the last day of school...last day of exams....and I want to have everything ready to go and packed.

I'll post more pics soon...promise! Love you all and I know I'm gonna be turning to my blog to watch out!

No Sugar Needed said...

Good to hear from you! Sounds like your end of the world is as crazy busy as mine. Now I have to go find out (via your other updates) what the heck happened to Kacey's arm :-D, I totally missed that. Sending hugs to you both!

Wendy said...

Just wanted you to know that I'm (((HUGGING))) you tight...