Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mommy Tears & Mommy Ears

Yesterday was filled with TONS of Mommy tears.
We woke up at 3:30am yesterday morning, got ourselves ready to leave the house by 4:30am to pick my Mom up by 5:00am. We got to the airport around 5:30am and by the time we got on the shuttle and got them checked in, it was almost 6:00am....ONE hour before time to leave!We walked around for a few minutes trying to pass time but everyone was so antsy and nervous. We walked through the gift shop and we stood by the security check point. "ONLY PASSENGERS AND EMPLOYEES BEYOND THIS POINT" is the sign that stood there. I immediately felt myself choke up and couldn't hold back the Mommy tears. Kayleigh was already crying before I did. I think she saw the sign too! We shared hugs and kisses with them both and we stood there waving as they walked down to their gate. We drove over to a parking lot near the airport and we sat and waited. I knew we'd be able to see her fly over. I was texting with her until she boarded the plane and she was so nervous. It was time to say "goodbye" again and we watched the planes fly out. About 15min later, her plane flew right over top where we were parked. More Mommy tears started to flow and as I looked around there were Sissy tears and Daddy tears too! We took Kacey to have breakfast and then we were off to Kings Dominion for the day.

We were nearly to Kings Dominion when we got the call... "Hi Mom! I'm in Atlanta!" **breathe a sigh of relief** She sounded tired though. "Thats great! You feel ok?" and then I heard a cracking in her voice as she told me they were going to find her some meds in the airport for motion sickness. Poor kid got sick at her stomach during the 2 hour ride and now she was going to have to suffer through a longer plane ride from Atlanta to Hawaii. Mom got her some meds, she settled down and she was ready for the long ride. She texted me as they were boarding. We were already in the gate at Kings Dominion and I was feeling so lost. I'm so used to making sure I have both girls at my side when we're in a theme park and I found myself looking around for her and realizing she wasn't going to be there. There were several times through the morning that Kacey came off the ride, hugged me and teared up as she told me, "I wish Sissy was here to ride it with me." WE MISS YOU ALREADY SISSY!!! (Can ya tell I cried alot during the day?)

It was around 12pm and we went to lunch. We sat down around a few empty tables and the words fell out of my mouth as usual... "Kacey, test your blood sugar." She tested, bolused and started eating her lunch. About 10 minutes into lunch, another couple with 3 kids sat down at the table next to us. I don't make it a habit of eavesdropping but my Mommy ears perked up when I heard the Mom say, "You need to test your blood sugar now!" LOL...the 3 of us turned our heads instantly and she saw the three of us do it. She said, "I'm so sorry to disturb you." and I replied, "You didn't disturb us! It was like hearing an echo." She looked at me with a puzzled look and before she could say anything I said, "She (pointing at Kacey) has diabetes too." She immediately struck up a conversation and we talked in "diabetes"...the language only T1 Mommys know. We shared diagnosis stories, hospital stories and without hesitation it was so cute to see the kids pull out their pumps and compare! Her son was 7 years old and on a blue MiniMed and another funny....both kids had broken arms! So we ended up sharing stories about that as well. After nearly an hour, we got up and said goodbye. We will never see that family again but it was so neat to have a conversation with complete strangers that somehow "knew" us. LOL Thank goodness for Mommy ears!

We started the long drive home and I kept looking at the clock. I kept hoping that Kayleigh didn't get sick and I knew it wouldn't be long before she would be arriving. We had only been home about 20 minutes and I looked at the clock...she was 40 minutes from landing time! About 5 minutes later, my phone rang....KAYLEIGH!!! They landed early :) She was there!!! I didn't get all the plane stories but she didn't get sick...yayyyy! She had already talked to my brother and he was waiting for them at the baggage claim. My heart breathed a sigh of relief and I hung up with her and cried. I was so glad she made it there ok. It wasn't long before I got a picture text to my phone from my brother.....
He had them!!! :) YAYYYYY! And she looks so happy :)
She called me back once they got settled and it was after 10pm our time. She is 6 hours behind us. She rattled off about the plane, seeing my brother and going shopping already. She sounded SOOOO happy and that made me feel so much better. We talked for about 15 minutes and she was going to get off the phone and help decide what to do for dinner. She had her appetite back! We hung up and I got more Mommy tears again. *sigh*

It was a LONG day!

I didn't sleep well last night. I'm coming down with a head cold and I'm not feeling well. We woke up about 8am when Kacey came rushing in crying because her site had pulled out during the night. I knew it wasn't out at her 2am check so it hadn't been out long. Check her sugar... 226. So we did a site change this morning. After the change, Kacey went into the kitchen (so I thought) and she came back around the corner crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said "Mommy, I forgot Sissy wasn't here and I was going to wake her up and her bed was made and she wasn't there."Oh come more Mommy tears! So I helped her take care of Nemo (Kay's dog) since it's something Kayleigh always does. He was so lost because we don't usually care for him!

I know Kayleigh is going to be keeping up with the blog so this is for her....
Kay~ Ian and Kayla are over this morning and Ian asked where you were. I told him you were in Hawaii and he asked when you were coming home and if you were going to pack a suitcase to come home? LOL! He's already said he wishes you were here and he's coloring you a picture to mail to you :) Mommy loves you! <3

I'll be sharing more pics as I get them!


Wendy said...

I LOVE those departure/arrival pics...what a great idea :) You have yourself one heck of a pretty girl, you know ;)

OH, heart just tugs at the emotions you must have been feeling. I ALWAYS get tearful whe I see a plane fly over and I know someone I love is on it.

So happy Grandma was there with with her. That will help her transition alot!!!

Kayleigh, HELLO FROM ARIZONA!!!!! I've been praying for you and your family...I can't wait to see lots of pics and hear all about your HAWAII adventures :)

KD is one of my most favorite places ever. We used to go there all the time ;) Ahhhh, the Rebel Yell, The Grizzly, The Shockwave...brings back so many memories!!!!!!

Isn't it funny how you can run across another D family that you've never meet before and will probably never meet again yet connect as if you've been friends forever? Amazing.

Praying for your heavy heart today...(((HUGS)))...

Jill said...

My heart weighed heavy yesterday but I feel better now knowing she's with my brother and she sounded great! He already took her shopping for a new ROXY ya gotta be "in style" in Hawaii! She got new sunglasses to match it too :) So she's gonna be just as spoiled as she is at home (possibly more!) She said she took lots of pics on the plane and could see the desert...haha you're the first person I thought about! Told her thats where you lived :D

Ahhhh wish you were here to go to KD with us too :) We didn't get on any of the big coasters since it was "Kacey's Day" and there were only certain ones she could ride since she has a cast.

Thats exactly how I felt with that D family. We didn't even introduce our selves, we just struck up the convo and spoke the "D language". Anyone else around us would have assumed we knew one another though :)

Are you on Facebook? I've posted several pics there already! I set her up a Facebook before she left so she could post pics for me as she took them.


Amy said...

So glad she got off to HI and made it safely! Hope you guys had a great weekend and Father's Day with Frankie!