Friday, April 10, 2009

Comfy Site

Have you ever had that one perfect site that you just don't want to change when the alert tells you it's time to because it's so comfortable?

The site that Kacey put in new territory three days ago has been so comfortable for her and when her alert went off earlier, she came to me with tears and said "Mommy I love this site and don't want to change it because it feels so good!" Ugh! I had to explain to her that we could push "snooze" on the alarm since it was at 4pm but the change HAD to be done this evening since it's the 3rd day. She insisted I give her an answer as to WHY it had to be changed in 3 days? Why couldn't it be changed in 4 days? LOL! She eventually agreed to the few more hours I've given her but I know more tears are headed our way. She said she liked how this site didn't hurt at all and she didn't even know it was there. The last 3 days have gone so fast!

I don't know where we're going to try this time, but I'm hoping it's more new territory :)


:) Tracie said...

Those site change days come WAY too quickly! But from experience, 4 days is really pushing it and Jessi doesn't do too well with insulin on that 4th day. Every so often it will work ok with a 4th day, but those 3 days fly by!

Wendy said...

We've let a site go for **GASP** 5 days -- with good numbers!!! It was only once, but we made it a full 5 days and no one complained ;) When we took it out, there was some skin breakdown under the tape -- can't risk infection to those precious places, so we never did it again.

We have, however, let it go into the 4th day many times, but, usually, we stick to 3 days.

(Once or twice a month makes for a great way to stockpile supplies...not that I'm telling anyone to break the rules or anything...)

Except in the hot AZ summer and then it's 2 days -- the insulin doesn't last much longer in 115(+) degree heat!