Friday, April 10, 2009

Fundraising & Yard Work

LOL...How's that for a random title?

I've been a little MIA the last 2 days because the weather here has been nice and I had to take advantage of it. I completely cleaned out my car yesterday. It was in desperate need of being cleaned and vacuumed. I tend to "live" out of my car and every so often I have to deep clean it. The girls decided to pitch in and they were such a big help. After about 2 hours of cleaning, I'd worked into "full clean mode" and since the sun was shining, I got my rake out and started cleaning out my flower beds and pulling weeds to prepare for mulching. As the sun began to set, it brought on some chilly weather and a low for Kacey. She'd worked herself down to a 65! It was time for dinner anyway so we came on showers...ate dinner...and called it an early night.

I let the girls sleep in this morning but I knew we had a gorgeous say in store for us. Around 9am, I got them up and we started the busy day! I got the grass cut and Frankie went and picked up a huge load of mulch. His best friend helped us and we got all the flower beds mulched. It looks so nice out there :) I even have some new space to plant some flower bulbs! YAY! It's something about fresh cut grass, the smell of new mulch and flowers peeking through the ground that make me feel so fresh and happy! I love spring! :)

Now for the fundraising....

It's that time again, we're fundraising for our JDRF Walk that will be taking place in October. I have so many really cool ideas swirling through my head and I know I can't put them all in place at once so I have to take baby steps. The first one we're going to put into place was an idea that was given to me by my friend, Carey, that I've known since middle school. We graduated together and then we lost touch over the years. After finding one another on Facebook, she's been so supportive and very willing to help with anything needed for this upcoming walk. She said she wanted to tell me about an idea she had that she was doing with her son. Everyday she gives him her pennies from the day and he puts them in a can. The can is for...Kacey!! When the can gets full, she takes it to the bank and changes the pennies for the cash. So far, she's filled 2 cans for her and she said she had $21.00!! Amazinggggg :) She's planning on donating it when we do the walk, so she will be collecting pennies all summer! So then she said that she had seen a really cool idea where you give someone a water bottle and you tell them to drink the water and then refill the water bottle with change and give it back to be donated to our team's walk donations. WOWWW! So the wheels in my head started turning and we've decided to make labels for the water bottles with Kacey's team name on them. We're going to be handing out the water bottles to family & friends soon. Once we get the bottle back, if it has more than $25 worth of change in it then they will get a team shirt from us. I think this is going to be a wonderful idea and I'm excited to get it going!

We're also going to have a few car washes and while we are there we will be selling JDRF paper sneakers. I'm also going to be doing my jewelry sales again for 100% profit to JDRF and putting together an Applebee's dinner night (they donate 10% of every meal ticket to our charity) Kayleigh will be holding a bake sale with her friends to help as well. Frankie is holding a fundraiser with his hunting buddies and they have some fun things going like 50/50 raffles and giveaways. So fundraising is in full swing here. Does anyone have any other neat ideas they do to raise money for their walk teams?

I'm going to be mailing out our JDRF letter soon :)

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