Monday, March 9, 2009

Special Birthday Surprise

You could imagine Kacey's surprise when we opened the mailbox and there was a package addressed to her. She giggled with excitement as she read the return label: Insulin Pump Packs for You. She tore open the package to reveal two handmade pump packs, one with Tigger and one with Jonas Brothers (Camp Rock)!
Who was this wonderful birthday present from..... CARA!! Cara, thank you so much for thinking of Kacey and sending her the perfect birthday present :) You certainly made her day! She jumped with excitement as she screamed out "Mommy, on Wednesday I can try them on my pump!!!"
For those of you interested, the pumps were made especially for Kacey at Insulin Pump Packs for You. It can be hooked to a belt loop with the clip it came with or it can be worn on a belt threaded through the loop on the back of the pack. Very neat! The pictures that show the packs on the website don't do them justice...they really are very nicely made and we will be ordering more!
THANK YOU again Cara!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Those are great! Yay for Cara!

Wendy said...

Beautiful!!! Can you believe how grown up your little girl is? She's beautiful!!! I'm so happy we found each other through Blogland. I'll be enjoying the journey as we watch our girls grow up...and a cure is found!!!

Donna said...

That Cara is so sweet. When she ordered the packs, she sent me an email & told me about Kacey & what she wanted to do. I thought it was so thoughtful of her. :)

I do hope Kacey likes them & they work well with her pump. Happy Birthday, Kacey!

The Turner's said...

Yay Kacey! How sweet of Cara to do that! How is our Kacey girl doing?

Jill said...

Scott- YAY indeed!

Wendy- When I was looking at her birthday pics after the party, I couldn't help but cry. This time last year she was SO sick and we didn't know it :( She was already having blood sugars in the 600-900 range and yet things went undetected. This year, diabetes is present but it didn't hinder the day. I'm SOOOO very thankful we found each other as well!

Donna- Nice to "meet" you! It certainly was VERY thoughtful of Cara and even though we've never "met" her, Kacey knew who she was from her blog pic :)

Sheri- Thank you! Kacey is doing MUCH better :) I don't wanna speak that too loud because I always jinx it...LOL! For the last 2 days she's been in range...except 3 lows ;) which all stemmed from the activity level at her bday party. But we're doing great :) and counting the days til WEDNESDAY!!!

Cara said...

I'm so glad you got them! And that she liked them! :D