Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pump Shipment

It's official!

I got the call from the pump rep today and Kacey's pump is officially in the mail. It was shipped today and we will get it next Wednesday. I got off the phone and cried! We've waited for this moment for the last 8 months and it's finally here! I called her CDE because we're still battling some really nasty highs. She went on and scheduled our Pump Training while I was on the phone with her. Kacey will be hooked up to a saline trial on March 20th! We go back on March 24th and she will be hooked up to insulin and be an "official pumper"! They are not making us do a whole week of saline so thats very cool! So she won't have the pump in time for her birthday but she'll be hooked up VERY soon!

Now about those highs....
We're really fighting the D-Monster the last few days. She's had some really nasty highs that are making her grumpy, tired and ready to eat everything in sight. She's called me from school the last 2 days in tears because it's making her feel bad. She doesn't have a sign of a runny nose or a cold even coming sign of illness at all! (Knock on wood) Her teacher said she could tell Kacey wasn't feeling well and she wasn't acting herself with all these highs. It's affecting her grades in a MAJOR way! So we need to get these under control fast!

Here is what she's gone through since yesterday morning....
6am- 191
10am- 320
10:30am- 261
12:30pm- 211
2:30pm- 312
4pm- 222
5pm- 145
7pm- 341
8pm- 310
9pm- 357
10pm- 300
12am- 173
4am- 162
6am- 178
10am- 261
12:30pm- 242
2:30pm- 367

Ummmm can you say DOSE CHANGE! Her CDE said to leave the Lantus at 14 units and then we are changing every mealtime dose.
Breakfast will be 1:8 instead of 1:10
Lunch will be 1:10 instead of 1:12
Dinner will be 1:10 instead of 1:12
Snacks will be 1:10 instead of 1:12

Hopefully this will help bring those numbers down! I feel so bad for her because I don't know what else I can do? There was mention in the comments yesterday of puberty. Holy cow! Could this be happening already? How would we be able to tell if she was?


type1mom said...

I wouldnt think "puberty" at her age....more like needing to switch back to to higher dosing after an illness.....or the end of the honeymoon....OR the never ending growth spurt! Think growth spurt, not "puberty".....I think you have awhile for that dreaded spell! ((hugs))

Cara said...

Eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk!!!!! Yeah for the pump! :P
I'm sorry about the highs. Sometimes they just come out of nowhere and knock you in the side of the head. Hopefully those dose changes will help out.

Amy said...

Oh poor Kacey!!! Jada's high symptoms are very similar and boy does she get crabby! I'm sorry it's been so rough for her lately!
I'm so excited to hear the pump is on it's way! Awesome news!

Anonymous said...

Pump will make it much easier to correct; is this the end of her honeymoon? Personally, I would say "dose change" but since you are only six months in, I would ask endo if I could make modest adjustment to her long-acting. Once the pump comes, I just know you're going to be pushing that "temp basal," button, with or without the endo, LOL. This will be so much easier for you and Kacey then.