Friday, March 6, 2009

D-Monster Strikes Again!

Dear Diabetes Monster,
It's been a long while since I had to write to you and after this morning, I really think we need to talk. For the last few days, you've really pushed our buttons! I'm getting to the end of my rope with you and you know by now that I won't give up because I'll tie a knot and hang on before I let you win. So you might as well give up now! You're making Kacey feel grumpy, tired, whiney, moody and now you're causing her grades to be affected. Just WHO do you think you are? She's always been an Honor Roll student and you're causing her to lose concentration. I really didn't appreciate the way you barged in and affected her thinking during her big Math test. You caused her to get an F on that test and she's had A's & B's all year long! Now she has to retake the test because you showed up. This morning you decided to pull out that fasting BG of a 263 mg/dl and that's so not fair to her! She didn't even want to get up because you're making her head hurt now. Please D-Monster, we have one request....this weekend is Kacey's birthday party and we'd like you to pack your bags today so we can enjoy the weekend without you showing your ugly face. She is having a birthday party with her friends from school and our family. I know she is going to want that birthday cake and if you are in the way then it's only going to make things more difficult! I'll help you pack your bags if you'd like and we can send you on your way today. Oh and FYI, there will be a new kid on the block next week. We don't know his name yet but he's due in town on Wednesday and he will be her bodyguard for the rest of her life. So you better be afraid...BE VERY AFRAID! He will be introducing himself next week. We really appreciate your cooperation in this matter and we look forward to Kacey feeling better.

Thanks so much!
Super Mom


Rachel said...

LOL love it!!!!! D-Monster, I support super mom, let Kacey enjoy her birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KACEY!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

My niece was diagnosed at 8; she is now 12. This post is TOO funny!! Happy Birthday Kacey. Don't know what kind of cake you are planning, but here is my tip. We usually have Carvel ice cream cake, because it is her fave; but an added bonus is the chocolate crunchies and all that ice cream make it slow digesting. Soooo, if high, maybe you could also have a small ice cream cake on hand. The Carvel really gives some time for the insulin to kick in before the rise in blood sugar. No waiting for cake on her birthday, with or without high BS, with or without ice cream cake. That would not be fair! I would give extra insulin if need be and just catch her on the way down if you are planning on a regular cake.

Cara said...

I hope D-Monster stays away this weekend. Tell Kacey I said Happy Birthday! And, her present is's just a little late. :)