Friday, March 6, 2009

Pump Name Poll

Kacey made a list of possible names for her pump. I'm posting a poll to find out which one is most popular OR if anyone can come up with something really neat for her new black Cozmo.

Kacey's New Pump

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For those of you that have pumps or a child with a pump.... Does it have a name?


Rachel said...

Here's my suggestion:

TULA (The Ultimate Life Assistant)

Jill said...

LOL! I just told Kacey your suggestion and she giggled. She just wrote it on her folder with the other names :)

Molly said...

My Cozmo is named Squirt.
I like Cozerella :-) cute.

Cara said...

My pump is Lola. :) Vivian, from Danieldoo, her son's pump is named and he couldn't understand why I didn't name mine too. So I did. :)
I thought about Ducky (like the faithful sidekick from Pretty in Pink), but Lola won out on the poll I did. :)

George said...

My pump is named Master P but I LOVE Cozerella.

:) Tracie said...

Jessi's pump has no name. We call it "pump". (how original) she's never really indicated calling it anything. But I voted for Cozerella, it's too cute!

Cody Turner said...

My pump is Ophelia and my CGMS is Hamlet was in a Shakespeare mood.
I love Cozerella for a name.

Penny said...

Riley's pump does not have a name. When I refer to it in my blog I sometimes call it Pumpy. But, Riley has never called it anything but his pump.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Cozerella, so cute! It must be her decision, though, to name her own pump, I hope. We have had Animas and now are on the Minimed; neither were named. I think only the Cozmo names the pumps. I have had a few names for a pump myself when we kept having to send them back, though, LOL!

Jill said...

Molly... Kacey laughed at your cute pump name. :)

Cara... I remember when you did your poll :)

George... I like Master P ;)

Tracie... I liked Cozerella too ;)

Cody...LOL Kacey didn't understand those names ;) I told her they were "grown up pump names" hahaha!

Penny...I remembered you calling it Pumpy :)

Anon... LMAO @ names for them when you sent them back! I DO know the final name for it but I won't be revealing it until Wednesday when it arrives :D Only 2 more days!!! YAYYYYYYYY!