Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Update- Dr. Visit

I've been a ball of nerves all day.

I took Kacey into the doc. She was still crying with stomach pains. I'd finally gotten her to eat 5 crackers and drink some Crystal Light but she was still saying she had to throw up. The doc came in and he talked with us about her symptoms and his initial thought was her appendix but when she showed him where the pain was he ruled that out. His second guess was possible stomach bug. He was a bit stumped because there was no fever or loose bowels...in fact...it was just the opposite...hard for her to have a bowel movement. And then he asked me a question that really rocked my world... Has she ever been tested for celiac? I immediately felt a rush over my body like when I was told (by the SAME doc) that she had diabetes. I replied with a simple "No" and asked if he really thought that was a possibility? He said if it's not celiac then he'd call it a stomach bug but only a blood test would rule that out. So he had the nurse take 2 tubes of blood... one for a simple blood test to see what her levels are and if there is anything going on there...and one for the celiac test. (BTW, Wendy you came to my mind immediately!) I won't know any results until Friday/Monday (which really sucks!) Then I asked about "Sugar Sick" and he assured me that it was NOT all in Kacey's head LOL! He asked me, "Would you drink a glass of apple juice if you've been sick at your stomach with the flu?" Eeeekkk! NO! He said that people with diabetes can get really nauseous with a low and trying to drink juice with a sick stomach just makes them want to puke even more! (makes sense!) So he said to just keep doing the glucose tabs and stick with those since they work.

So for now he said to just give her Gatorade diluted with water to keep her hydrated. She started to cry and told him that Gatorade made her "sugar sick". So he suggested trying the Crystal Light with electrolytes. So my Mom stopped and got her some and brought it home for her. She did manage to eat a few more crackers and drink the Crystal Light but all she's done is lay around like she had NO energy. Still NO fever, NO loose bowels, NO ketones, NO appetite and grumpy as hell (LOL!).

Please keep us in your prayers and pray that it's only a stomach bug!

BTW, I just wanted to express how thankful I am to have my Mom. She's been there for me through every up, down, twist & turn and she's been such a support for me, not only though Kacey's diagnosis but my entire life. She never once turned her back on me ....even when I was only 18 and told her I was pregnant with Kayleigh. She just said, "What's done is done and now we deal with it!" and thats the same attitude I've carried with everything thats ever happened with us. I've faced it head on and not layed in a pity party. We've made the best of what we were given and smiled while doing it. She was sick this past week and I've been so upset about not being able to help her because taking Kacey around someone that is sick is a recipe for disaster. So we've kept our distance and I've called lots to check on her. We missed our Saturday morning breakfast date and the girls were really lost because we do that every weekend with her. Yesterday she was feeling better and so I went to her house to help her sort some things in her closet. While I was there, we ran across tons of funny pics that I'd forgotten about taking. Pics from when me and my brother were little and being silly. It was nice to get the chance to help her and give back to her what I could NEVER repay her for... the time, love and devotion she's given to me the last 33 years. I seriously don't know what I'd ever do without her! I called her after I walked out of the doctor's office today and I broke down crying with the possibility of being diagnosed with another serious illness. She immediately said, "We will take this each day as it comes and we will deal with it like we did with Kacey's diabetes diagnosis. We'll make it through, just like we did last year." And you know what.... WE WILL! I look back on how far I've come since July 2008 and I thought back then it was the end of the world as we knew it....and now here we are. For now, I'm going to continue on the way we've been doing things and wait for the results. But I just had to express how thankful I am to have my Mom!


Wendy said...

Moms are THE BEST! I hope my girls will have nice things to say about me one day :)

Step 1 -- Deep Breath!!!!

Step 2 -- Realize that life with celiac really isn't as bad as it might seem. If you must, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Step 3 -- Keep your chin up and remember that I'll be here every step of the way ;)

Rachel said...

Alright, first big hug to both you and Kacey. I know, you must just be feeling like "what now??!!!". Doesn't she have enough to deal with? I'm with you and sharing your feelings.

Hang in there hon! I'm sorry to say that I don't know much about Celiac but I've heard about it in connection to diabetes. But... you are not alone. Remember that, you have a great support system around you but here also. If you need anything, let me know.

I will keep my fingers cross and both of you in my thoughts until you get the results back.

Cara said...

I'm praying. Keep me updated. I love you guys!

Amy said...

Oh Jill! I'm praying for you tonight- that the heaviness that you feel will be lifted right off! You are doing an amazing job! You are ready and prepared to take care of Kacey- no matter what the prognosis.
One quick question (which I'm sure you already thought of). Have you checked for ketones? One of Jada's first signs of ketones is a bad tummy ache- then vomiting.
Hugs and prayers to you tonight!

:) said...

Praying for all of you guys.

You're doing a great job yourself Mom, you've had a great teacher and you learned well young jedi!

Penny said...

OK, I read your other post before I read this one. I see that she's already been tested. Please excuse my other comment.

I'm thinking about you guys.