Tuesday, February 17, 2009


***Warning*** This post contains vomit so if you get queezy reading about vomit then please pass.

I'm REALLY worried and I've got another 20min before the doctor's office opens!

Kacey woke up yesterday morning with a tummy ache. Nothing out of the ordinary for her. Her BG was 169 so thats not really enough to cause the tummy ache (or is it?). We got up and she was looking sluggish. I did my usual "What do you want for breakfast?" routine with her and she replied, "Nothing." Uhoh! So I convinced her to eat a little something, bolused and we went on to my Mom's house to help her with cleaning out closets (I've been promising to do this with her for a long time). When we got there, Kacey just layed around. No energy! I tested her at 10am and her BG was down to a 105. (Yikes! She's falling fast from breakfast!) By 11am, she tells me she doesn't feel good and wants me to hold her. ***red flag*** I immediately got her test kit and her BG was down to a 60! So we decide to take a break and take the girls to Subway for lunch (Kacey's fav place to go!) But before we went, I gave her 1 glucose tab to keep her up enough without overloading her to eat. We get to Subway and she's still saying her tummy hurt. I told her that maybe it was just hungry since she was low. She tested again and her BG was now a 93 (perfect!) She got her sub, I did her shot and she took about 4 bites and looked over at me with these big eyes. UHOH! She says she doesn't feel good and asks to go to the bathroom. Since she'd been dropping, I decided to pass on eating and go with her. I thought she was going to puke but instead she just sat on the toilet crying in pain. Constipation? Very possible! Doesn't that make your tummy hurt? Yes! After about 10min in the bathroom we go back out, she tries to eat more and just cries that her stomach hurts. So now...shes got the insulin...not wanting to eat...and she knows that which is probably why shes crying. Shes scared! So I reassure her that if we test often over the next few hours then we can catch any low she may be getting. My Mom had real soda so worst case, she could drink that! So we go back to my Moms and she lays down t watch a movie. At 1pm, her BG was only a 108 (wow!) So she's dropping but she actually had an appetite and asked for rice cakes. The only ones we had were the mint choc mini ones but since she was already feeling bad, I let her eat them. She finished the small bag (15g)....and then I hear "Mommmmmm, I feel SUGAR SICK!"...... WTF?!?!?! She just layed around all afternoon and we left to come home at 4pm. When we got home, she said she was feeling a bit better and wanted a grilled cheese sandwhich for dinner but she didn't want anything with it. So Kayleigh asked to make them and while she was doing that Kacey tested again. Her BG was now a 229...HUH? And then she takes off running to the bathroom. She threw up her sub and the rice cakes. Oh geesh! Now what? She said her tummy felt better since she threw up and wanted to eat. She ate the sandwhich and then it started all over again. She was complaining her tummy hurt. All evening she layed on the couch and cried in pain. (***pause*** Call doctor- got appt for 9:45am this morning) She went to bed and woke up at 5:30am crying in pain again. Her BG was a 197. She said she really needed to throw up. I asked her if she thought she'd feel better if she did. She shook her head yes as she bolted out of the bed. She barely made it to the toilet when she puked. It was ALL liquid. No substance at all and it was a grayish/green with a VERY foul odor. She doesn't have a fever. She's EXTREMELY tired and cranky. And she's complaining of her muscles hurting. I'm stumped! If it was the flu then I'd expect her to have the fever and watery stools. She's got absolutely NO appetite and I have no idea what to do?

I'll update when we get back!


Rachel said...

Oh poor Kacey! I'm anxious to know what the doctor says. I have no idea what it could be. I hope she feels better soon. I'll be looking for an update.

Amy said...

Darn it!! Hopefully it's just a little bug and it will pass! It's so hard when they're sick! Hang in there-- you are doing a great job keeping on top of her! I'll be watching for an update as well! Praying for you and Kacey!

Kerri. said...

Poor little kiddo - you guys are in my thoughts. I'll be on the lookout for your update!