Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Long Night

It's was a long night here! Frankie is off today and I have a sub job lined up (took the job last week). It's only a half day so I'll be working from 8am-12pm.

Kacey ended up in bed with us last night. I was too worried to leave her in her room. She was still throwing up until after dinner and then she managed to keep down more crackers. I spoke with her CDE yesterday about everything and she told us the most important thing right now was to make sure there were NO ketones and we kept her BG above 80. She hasn't had any ketones the entire time and her BG has ranged from 89-289 with nothing but crackers and Crystal Light. Before bed last night, I wanted to check for ketones and she couldn't pee. I started to get scared because I knew she wasn't drinking enough. I made her another drink and she went to sleep. I didn't get much sleep because I was too worried about her. I got up at 3am to do a sugar check and managed to wake her up enough to have her pee....finally! Still NO ketones. I'm so puzzled...shes throwing up...not eating anything but a total of 20 crackers and 2 cups of Crystal Light yesterday...and her sugars are steady going up and down. This is what frustrates me though... if it is celiac...I'm giving her crackers and making her sicker, right? (Wendy, do they make gluten free crackers?) It can't hurt to try those! So when I leave work today I'm going to see if Walmart has any and try that tonight. She's still asleep and Daddy is back in our bed with her (LOL we kicked him out of bed at 1am and he slept in her bed). I have to get ready for work and I'll be back for an update this evening.

Thank you all for your continued prayers!


Rachel said...

Hang in there Jill!

Cara said...

Jill, I'm praying.
I know they make gluten free stuff. Including muffins, crackers, bread, etc. But I don't think I've ever seen it at Wal-Mart. Do you have a local health food store? This would be the place to go.
Good luck. I'm sorry your night was so rough.

Penny said...

This is just a FYI. It is recommended that if you suspect celiac that you not start a gluten free diet before being tested. If you go gluten free prior to testing it can alter the test results. (But, I understand wanting to try it to see if it helps.)

Wendy said...


Yup...there are GF crackers -- pretzels too. We prefer the Glutino brand of both, but you'll have to go to a health food/Whole Foods to find them. (FYI -- Trader Joes doesn't carry the Glutino line.)

When will the doc be in touch about her labs?

Trying some GF stuff to get through this illness probably wouldn't alter a celiac dx. If her labs come back suspicious, she should return to a normal diet ASAP so that the results of her endoscopy are not messed up.

Hang in there, MAMA!!!!! You're doing a great job :)

Amy said...

Hang in there! I'm sorry that you and Kacey had such a rough night- I hope today is a better day! Still praying for you!

:) said...

Stay strong, you're doing the best you can for her so try not to make yourself crazy about it. Hopefully this is just a bug and it will pass real soon.