Monday, February 9, 2009

Letter Meme

I emailed Karen for my letter to do the Meme. She gave me the letter "A".
Now I have to list ten things I love that start with the letter A.
1. Angels- I collect Willow Tree Angels and I believe in Angels.
2. Ace Ventura - My favorite actor is Jim Carrey and my love of him started with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.
3. Apple Juice- This is my favorite juice and when I was pregnant with Kacey I could drink it by the gallon!
4. Advocate- I've found myself speaking out more and more about diabetes. Especially to those people that mistake Type 1 for Type 2 and try and tell me I can control Kacey with diet & a pill (ahhhh if only it was that easy!)
5. Albuterol- without this inhaled medication then I wouldn't be able to control my asthma or Kayleigh's asthma. Kay had her first asthma attack when she was 10 months old and has been on Albuterol ever since. I developed asthma after 10 weeks of bronchitis/pneumonia in 2006. I've been on an inhaler since then.
6. Aunt- I love being an Aunt to my nephews, Kylar & Hunter, and my niece, Abigail. I don't get to see them as often as I like but I think about them often and wish they lived closer :(
7. August- The month I was born. It's also the best time to be on the beach or playing in the pool.
8. America- The country I live in.
9. American Idol- My FAV reality show! I've watched it every year since Season 1 :) and I'm so glad it's back on!
10. Abracadabra! - I've always been fascinated with magic. I love watching it on TV and live and trying to figure out how the trick is done.
Wow! That was harder than I thought! LOL Thanks Karen :) ***Hugs***


Karen said...

Wow, you did that so fast!! I was afraid A was too easy of a letter. LOL I had a hard time with D too. It's fun though. Great answers!

Chizzle said...

My favorite actor is Fran Kranz, he has a FOX show coming out and does an awesome blog on

Hunter's Blog

Just thought you'd like this, as a fellow actor!!