Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pump Site- Daddy's Interview

Me: When you first found out that you could wear a pump site for 3 days, what was your first reaction?
Daddy: I was excited because I would be able to feel what Kacey was feeling.
Me: Did it hurt as bad as you thought it would?
Daddy: No not at all.
Me: Your job is driving a tractor trailer and hauling heavy equipment, did you find yourself bumping the pump site while you worked?
Daddy: Nope I didn't even know it was there.
Me: Did you snag your tubing on anything while you wore it?
Daddy: No I wore the tubing tucked in my pants.
Me: Do you have a better understanding of what Kacey will be faced with everyday?
Daddy: Yes because I had to be aware that the site was there and be careful not to snag it while I worked.
Me: Are you worried about doing her sites once she gets her pump?
Daddy: No because I got one and now I know what she will feel.
Me: Did your site hurt when Kacey helped you take it out?
Daddy: Not at all
Me: Do you have more respect and compassion for what Kacey will have to go through every day?
Daddy: Yes because I know how uncomfortable it can be and because you have to be careful not to snag the tubing. She has to go through a lot and I know how it feels.
Me: Are you glad you were given the chance to experience this? Do you think every parent should have to participate in a trial like this?
Daddy: Yes I'm glad because now I know how she feels and how big the responsibility is for her to be connected all the time. I do think every parent should have to participate because you get a better understanding of what it takes to manage diabetes.

Kacey helped Daddy take his site out. She was worried that she would hurt him.

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