Monday, February 9, 2009

Pump Site- Kacey's Interview

Through the eyes of an 8 year old....

Me: Last Thursday you went to Pump Class at CHKD. What did you learn while you were there?
Kacey: I learned about how to work all the different pumps and how to put a site in and I learned that the first insulin pump was a backpack and the second insulin pump was the size of a notebook. (Wowwww! She payed attention!)
Me: When the CDE told you that you HAD to get a pump site put in, how did you feel?
Kacey: I was a little scared because I never had one done before and I thought the needle would be very big.
Me: When you saw Nurse Kristen and you knew she was going to do your site, did you feel less afraid?
Kacey: Yes because I know shes very gentle and very nice.
Me: When you got the site put in, was it as painful as you thought it was going to be? How did it feel?
Kacey: No, it felt a little tingly but not hurting tingle.
Me: We made a "make believe" pump so you could see how it felt to wear a pump during the time you had your site in. Did it feel weird?
Kacey: Yes because I never had a pump before and it was clipped to my pants.
Me: You had the chance to show off the site and pump to Mrs. M and your friends. How did they react? Did it make you feel uncomfortable?
Kacey: I didn't feel uncomfortable and all my friends asked a bunch of questions and I answered them all.
Me: Did you have a hard time riding your bike or playing outside when you were connected to the pump?
Kacey:I did but I got used to it.
Me: Did you have any problems with snagging your site or forgetting you had the pump on?
Kacey: Yes when I was asleep I tugged on it on accident. Then when I was putting my playstation game away I forgot it was my "pump" in my hand and I sat it down and walked away. It tugged and hurt really bad and I started crying. Then another time my pump fell out of my bed and tugged my site and woke me up in the middle of the night.
Me: How did you sleep with it?
Kacey: I put it on the side of me but it still fell out of my bed.
Me: Were you sad when it was time to take the site out?
Kacey: Yes because I got used to have it in and then I had to take it out and I couldn't put another one in. I want my pump really bad and now I have to wait for it.
Me: Did it hurt when you took it out?
Kacey: Yes because I pulled the cannula out really slow because I was scared.

Sunday morning...sleeping in til 8am. She woke up at 6am when her pump fell out of bed and so I let her come out to the couch and go back to sleep.
This pic made me cry! Taking the pump site out was a very difficult task. It was moreso because of the reality that this was just a "trial" and it there wasn't going to be another site to replace it. She cried so hard for a few minutes and I had to keep reminding her that we had to go through this "waiting period".
The place where she had her site looked great! It wasn't very tender.

She had to show off her tubing and what was left of the site.
This one she tried to smile but she really didn't want to! She wanted her pump so bad :( My heart broke for her. Now it's just a waiting game!


Karen said...

She is a very brave little girl and she is doing an excellent job! I've had my pump since April - you can tell her that I still sometimes forget I have put my pump down and walk away without it. It doesn't really hurt anymore though - because you get used to it and the minute you feel a tiny tug you remember to stop before it hurts. :)

Cody Turner said...

Hang in there Kacey. It will soon be time for you to have the pump. It is great that you are looking forward to it and are so excited about it. It will make the transition easier for you. Just don't get discouraged with it, there is a learning curve to it and you MIGHT have some high blood sugars until you get the setting right, but once your basals are set it is wonderful. Have you thought about what you want to name it yet?

Scott K. Johnson said...

First, I have to say that Cody Turner rocks. What an awesome comment for Kacey. Thanks Cody!

What more can I say than what has been said?

Rachel said...

Kacey you are so amazing!!! Hang in there! How long before you get the pump? Another option that you may want to consider is a pump pack. That way you can't forget the pump and you can put your clothes over it. This is where we buy Tristan's put there's a lot of other ones.

I'm really excited for you Kacey, keep us up to date and let us know when you get it!! :) And remember, time does go by fast! :)

Jill said...

I've read all 3 of your comments to Kacey and she's sat here smiling :)

Karen~ I figured that once she got used to the pump being there a while that it would get better. She got a giggle when I told her that "big girls drop their pumps too" ;)

Cody~ She's been tossing around a few names since pump class but "Cozerella" (like Cinderella) keeps popping up. We'll see once she gets it :) Thanks so much for your support!

Scott~ I agree! :D

Jill said...

Rachel~ We were posting at the same time LOL!

The Endo's office told us to expect 4-8 weeks before she gets her pump. It all depends on how fast we get approval and they get it sent to us. We've looked at several pump packs and then when we saw how the Cozmo is shaped so much like a cell phone, she told me she wants to go to the mall and pick out some of those dazzled up cell phone cases. She's kinda chunky around the waist (if you couldnt tell from the pics LOL) and so the clip on cases would be easier. Thats what we used for the "make believe" pump and she did great with it! I bookmarked the site though ;)

Cody Turner said...

Another thing to think about to make it personal to her is maybe getting some of the cell phone sticky jewels she can decorate the pump with.

Cara said...

As far as the falling out of the bed part, it will probably come w/ a clip. And I just clip mine on my side. Then it can't get away from me! That was a problem at first because I am a tosser and turner.

The Turner's said...

God Bless her little heart! Tell her to hang in there! Those little pin pokes on their tummies and fingers just break our hearts - give her a hug from me and Nikki