Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dose Change

I knew it was coming! Our CDE called this afternoon and Kacey's dose was changed.

Breakfast was 1:8 and now it's 1:10
Lunch was 1:15 and is staying 1:15
Dinner was 1:12 and now it's 1:15

She said the flu sorta threw Kacey's body outta whack (LOL ya think?)

She had another great day doing her care in the classroom today. Her teacher was giggling this afternoon because Kacey asked to test because she felt "weird" and her BG was 275. One of the other little boys went up to Mrs. M and said "Thats wayyyyy too high for Kacey!" LOL! She said all the kids are learning diabetes care in class...haha! ~smiles big~ Whatever works, right? I'm so glad things are working out with everything in the classroom.

Kayleigh is taking a Health & Medicine class this year in high school. She is really enjoying the class and it's an opportunity for Kayleigh to learn more about how her body works. She has a project coming up. She has to write a report on a person that did something helpful with medical science. She chose to write her report on Fredrick Banting. She said she thought it would be fun for all of us to learn about one of the people that was responsible for discovering the medicine we use to keep her sister alive, INSULIN. I thought that was very cool! So then she took in the article from the 9 year old little girl that had Type 1 that died in Texas. Her teacher was discussing the article with the class. She went on to tell the class that people that have diabetes are not allowed to eat sugar and how a 9 year old little girl can't think abstractly and doesn't understand how the disease really works. Kayleigh said she could feel herself getting madder and madder until she finally raised her hand to set this teacher straight (LOL!) She explained to her teacher that her sister would be 9yrs old next month and and she DOES understand her care and the statement about diabetics not being able to eat sugar is FALSE! She went on to say that there were 2 things her sister couldn't have unless she was low and that is regular soda and real fruit juice (orders given by Kacey's Endo). She can have things with sugar in them as long as she gets a shot of insulin for it. She said her teacher was dumbfounded and replied with "Oh ok." WOOOOHOOOOOO! GO KAYLEIGH!!! Kacey's big sister attempted to be an advocate and speak up to educate someone that is obviously misinformed...and she's a teacher! (proud Mommy moment)


Allison said...

That's so awesome! Yay big sisters! You've got a couple of great daughters there.

Rachel said...

Good for you Kayleigh!!!! We need more people like you, people that will stand up and correct others who are wrong. Good job! :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

I agree with Allison and Rachel! Way to go!

Amy said...

You should be so proud!! Yay Kayleigh!