Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Germs & Doc Change

I'm really wishing the summer would hurry up and get here! Spring is one of my favorite seasons but I'm just wanting warm weather that is GERM free.

I've got Kayleigh home sick today. Her asthma is acting up and she's got a really bad cough (you know those ones when they cough and you know it hurts), sore throat and a headache that hasn't gone away for 2 days. Allergies inducing her asthma symptoms? Probably so! She has a doc appt at 1:15pm. So she's feeling like crap today.

Every time I call to try and get the girls a sick appt, most of the time I'm told "Sorry we have no openings but you can go to Urgent Care." Two things about that frustrates me... first, getting into the doctor is VERY hard and second, the co-pay for the doc is $20 and Urgent Care is $75!! Thats a HUGE difference. For the last 2 years, both of my girls have gone to our Family Doctor. I thought it would be easier for all 4 of us to see the same doctor. About half of the times we've ever had to be seen, we have to see the nurse practitioner. Which is fine because the girls like her but then again it's not fine because we're paying to see the doctor and he is our PCP! Ever since the doc visit where our doc was talking about T2 diabetes with us instead of T1, I've just had this nagging feeling that I needed to find a pediatrician for the girls. When I call the doc, I don't want to hear "Sorry we can't see you today but we can see you next week."....I want to hear "We know Kacey has diabetes and it's important for her to be seen so we can work her in today." Yes, I'm going to sound like a pain in the ass parent that thinks her child deserves special treatment because she has diabetes....and you know what...she does! When you have a child with diabetes, something simple like a cold, isn't very simple anymore! Just like when Kacey had the flu last week. There are several things that really ticked me off about our visit. If he suspected the flu, then why couldn't he have done a rapid flu test? Why did we have to do blood work that we had to wait days for? Furthermore, he knows she's got diabetes, she was throwing up, not able to keep anything down....why couldn't he have given us a prescription for Zofran like the ER doc did? Why did he send us home with nothing...knowing Kacey was going to get worse and we'd end up in the ER with her...which cost us a $150 copay...not to mention it could have gotten much worse than it did! I'm just really thinking that he might be a great family doctor for adults but when it comes to my girls, I just have that nagging feeling to switch. I talked with Frankie's cousin this morning and she gave me the number for her pediatrician. She's female and been their pediatrician since her kids were born. She's diagnosed several T1's this past year and they are in her care. This is something very important to us. I want a doctor that I can call and knows about Kacey's diabetes and how to treat her when she is sick. So I called Dr. G's office and her receptionist said they were not taking new patients *silent cry* but she said she could refer us to the other female doctor in the practice. I explained that Dr. G was highly recommended to us and told her who recommended her. I went on to tell her that Kacey was diagnosed with diabetes last July and we were really looking for a doctor that knew how to care for her along with her Endo. She took all my info down and she said she was going to talk to Dr. G and see if she'd make any special considerations since it was a recommendation and because she's got T1 diabetes. ****FINGERS CROSSED**** She is spose to call me back and let me know so I'm really excited. If we can't get in with her then we're going to go on and get in with the other female doc and then we can switch once Dr. G gets more openings.

Now, with Kayleigh being sick, I have to make sure Kacey doesn't pick up these germs!


Amy said...

First- hope Kayleigh feels better quick!! And that Kacey doesn't get sick again- especially after coming off of this flu! I think your right on about changing to a pediatrician. We normally do fam. practice dr.'s, but after Jada was diagnosed, I found a pediatrician. I absolutley love her and are great about returning phone calls and emails quickly. She seems to really understand Jada's special needs. I hope you get the dr. that you want!

Jill said...

Thanks Amy!

I just think having a pediatrician that knows if she's sick then she really should be seen and one that is already treating several other children with diabetes. Its frustrating having a doctor that isn't familiar with caring for T1 patients. The other patients he has with diabetes are older and have T2. So when he started talking to us about diabetes and he was asking how many set units a day she was taking, I gave him a weird look and said "Well it depends on how much she eats." LOL! Which it does... one day she might take 10 units and another she might have 20 units. It also depends on colds and such too! He argued with me and told me she HAD to be on a set number of units. Thankfully I had her diabetes log for the last 6 months and I said "If you can look at these and tell me she's had 2 days the same in 6 months then I'll kiss your toes!" So when he looked at them he understood the sliding scale we are on and how it's different ratios for every meal! So I left there unsure if the care she was getting was the proper care she needed. Scary!

Rachel said...

I agree with you. You know to have trust in the doctor that sees your girls but more importantly understands Kacey's special circumstances. The doc that we see for the boys is fantastic. It's actually a practice of 2 doctors and both are wonderful. I don't think that they have much experience with diabetes because we live in a small town and I don't think that they have many diabetic children. But, they do understand how a normal illness can make Tristan very sick. They are also in contact with his endo. So I know, if I bring Tristan in because of illness, his endo will know about it and at times, be consulted about medication if need be.

I hope that you get the doctor that you want! :) Feel better Kayleigh. Hang in there Jill! :)