Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Day

Today is Day 2 of Kacey caring for herself on her own. I spoke with her teacher yesterday about how she did and her response was, "She did wonderful!" Ahhhhhh music to my ears! She went on to tell me that a few of the girls were wanting to watch Kacey when she gave herself her shot and she asked them for some privacy. (LOL since when has my child been modest?) Mrs. M explained to Kacey that maybe if she showed them what she was doing then the newness of it would wear off and it was just be something normal she did in class. I spoke to Kacey about it and she said she didn't know if it was ok to show her tummy in class so thats why she did it. (LOL!) She's been very open with her class since the first day of school so this is just one more step to show people around her what her daily life consists of. She was fine with that! She even went on to tell me that she thought it might be good practice if Mrs. M did her shot too. WOW! Thats a big step for Kacey to allow someone else to do her shot but it also shows me just how much she trusts her teacher. For a Mom, thats a great feeling! As for the notebook, Kacey wrote everything down for me. All 3 blood sugars and her dose. We've been very strict about logging blood sugars since she was diagnosed 7 months ago and I just wanted to teach her that there was no other option than to log the numbers so they could be faxed to the doctor. A good example of why we got such a great A1c for the first 6 months. So Kacey just thinks that logging numbers is part of her daily schedule now...it's not a chore. The great part about everything being in her classroom is we only have one meter for all the blood sugars at school now. (YAYYY!) Another great thing is she is not leaving class to go test and dose. This was something Kacey REALLY enjoyed yesterday because she wasn't singled out from her friends to leave the room for 10-20min at a time. This was the one thing that Kacey wanted for a while now but she just wasn't read for it. Now she's proved she can do this and we're proud of her!

So now we're onto Day 2 today....hope it's as great as yesterday!


Shannon said...

What a big step! I am glad that she is doing well with it! Keep up the good work!

We had a bit of a milestone ourselves this week. My naturally sweet princess started checking her blood all by herself this week! I is funny to see how excited she gets when it is time! :)It's the little things I guess!

Karen said...

Oh wow, this is huge!! I'm so proud of Kacey. And before you know it, she will be pumping. It's great that she's already shown so much independence - I bet she'll have a really great transition to the pump.