Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Diabetes In Pictures

Here is a poster that Kacey made yesterday. She asked for a piece of posterboard and this is what she drew all over it....DIABETES IN PICTURES.... least she knows what she wants! ;) **take note** she even drew a diagram of a belly with a site on it!
A self is her talking to her doctor.
This is a picture of her doctor telling her that they will find a cure (*cry*)
Self explanitory!
I giggled at this one... its glucose gel, glucose tabs, insulin pen, lancet and test strips with blood on them.


k2 said...

Quite the artistic prodigy you have there! And that girl knows what she wants - boy are you in trouble during the teenage years!!! Joking - she's awesome - just like her mom!

Wendy said...

I love that she put a "93" on the pump...that must be the zone she feels the best in!!!! I love this kid :)

Jill said...

Thanks Kelly! ;) She loves to draw!

Thanks Wendy! :D Thats funny because I took notice of the 93 too and I asked her why it was a 93 and she said "because that is a perfect blood sugar number!" So I asked her why it wasn't 100 then? And she said "cuz that means its going higher and thats not good!". LOL!

Wendy said...

Here's another vid you might enjoy...not sure if she should watch it until after she's been pumping for awhile...but it's perspective for us D moms!!!

If the link doesn't work you can search you tube for "Adalyne diabetes 4 years old"...

Amy said...

6 months- amazing how time flies- isn't it?! Your doing a great job- I love how you are constantly educating yourself and have become very involved. Kudos to you! I love her artwork--what a great way for her to deal with her stress!