Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Science Project - 6 days in

Kacey started her Science Project 6 days ago. She planted lima beans into 10 different cups and she is testing to see which bean sprouted the fastest and what it sprouted in. The beans in the wet paper towel sprouted first but the beans planted in the mulch and rocks have seemed to grow faster. And FYI, beans put in plain water end up swelling up and turning to mush and then the water smells like a rotten goldfish bowl...haha! I couldn't figure out what the stench was in my dining room until it was time to water them yesterday and I SAW it! YUK! Haha!

Here are a few pictures...This picture is all of the cups together. Sand, Dirt, Mulch, Paper towels, Rocks, Salt, Hand lotion, Hair gel, Plain water and Dogfood (haha!)
The lima bean planted in mulch on Day 5

The lima bean planted in rocks on Day 5

The lima bean planted in mulch on Day 6 ... I see leaves!!

More pics coming in the next days....

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