Thursday, December 18, 2008

You Know....

I got quite a giggle when I read this on Sheri's blog and had to share it here! This is hilarious but the sad thing is....I've done most of them! LOL! Enjoy :) and THANKS Sheri for the laugh!


In conversation, your husband describes his personality as Type 1 instead of Type A.

You ask your child how her day at school was, and she answers with a number.

The microwave beeps and your d-child shouts “that wasn’t me!”

Everyone in the family says they are "low" instead of hungry!

When your parents answer the phone, the first thing they say is "What's wrong?"

You have no problem asking your child if they are "high" in a middle of a public place.

You make sure your child has candy in bed with them

You ask your child what they had for lunch and they reply 45 carbs!

Your daughter wakes you up in the middle of the night and says, "Mommy, I'm beeping."

Your child says "I'm tired" and you ALWAYS have to wonder if she's low, high, or just plain tired.

You travel with as much food as you do baggage!

You hear another parent wish that kids would come with instructions and your diabetic child pipes in and says, "I do, and I don't leave home with out them."

Your first grader calls you from school to tell you that his teachers, nurse, and health aide are all absent so you decide to go to first grade for the day.

Your child refers to sequel movies as "Type 2".

You automatically wake up at 2:00 a.m.

Every meal turns into a math equation.

Your child falls and before you ask if they're okay you ask, "How's your pump site?"

You base your entire self-worth on your kid's last A1C!

You know what glucagon is and what it does.

You wake up the entire house because you accidentally finger poke your daughter's best friend for the middle of the night check - they look way too much alike.

Your daughter has a sleep over and her friends line up for blood sugar check, and none of them have diabetes.

Your daughter begins to miss the school nurse over summer break.

Your child refers to having a cold as being 'real people sick'.

You laugh out loud reading this list.


Lynnea said...

Darn...I had one in my head the other day...but I forgot it. I told myself I should write it down because it was a good one...oh well...maybe the waking up at 2 am has gone to my brain!

Jill said...

LOL! I'm sure if we think hard enough we can add many more to this list!

Shannon said...

I LOVE IT! Totally stealing it!

So thanks for the sweet email the other day! It is so nice to blog about diabetes and have those that have been there respond.

I have a question about sticky jewlery. I am not sure what to have on it. Just her name and that she is diabetic? Any other suggestions? Also about how much does it cost? I looked at the site, and couldn't really figure it out. Thanks!

Jill said...

Shannon~ On Kaceys bracelet we have the one that says "Diabetes (See other side for info)" and then when you take it off and look on the back of the metal piece we had "CALL MOM" and my cell phone number under that. I wanna say it was $20 for the metal piece and $5 for each strap. What I loe is the straps are changeable. So you can order a few of them and rotate with outfits. I only ordered one to start with. The one thats pink with the butterflies. They have one with flowers thats adorable too! Just call the 1-800 number they have and talk to someone. They're VERY helpful :) plus I was pleased that they replaced the product after the 30 day warranty. That shows what kind of company they are! Kacey loves hers and she doesnt have to worry about it "pinching" her arm because its soft and theres no metal clasps.

Good luck!

Cara said...

You know you're a diabetic when you ask "What's for dessert?" before dinner even starts (hey, we have to know how to bolus, right??). :D

Jill said...

LOL Cara!! Thats another good one :D

Amy said...

Hilarious! You made my day! It's not often that I can laugh at this disease! I may steal this sometime! Thanks for checking my blog out! Merry Christmas!