Monday, December 22, 2008

Secret Santa Spoils Us!!

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Who in the world could that be in the middle of the day? **gives a shocked look** THE MAIL LADY!! And in her hands was a box...SECRET SANTA!!! I yelled for the girls as we took the box into the living room. They sat down with their eyes twinkling as we opened up the box. I was NOT expecting to find that my Secret Santa had not only shopped for me....but for my girls as well! The screams they let out were such joy :)

Our Secret Santa is.... Melissa aka Amalas

So we each took a turn and opened our gifts and as you can see from the was VERY exciting! Kayleigh went first....she got a Dorothy pendant for a necklace. She was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz for Halloween and she was thrilled! Next Kacey opened her gift. She got a "Scoodie" ...its a scarf and hoodie in one! It was made with Tigger material too :) She let out a scream and immediately wrapped herself in it (which she's worn all evening) Then the gift that was for me and Kacey, I let her open. A book....OMGGGGGGGGGG the book that was on my Christmas list.... "Pumping Insulin"......THANK YOU!!! Then it was my turn. I had 3 packages and one pin. The pin says "Cure Diabetes" and will be worn proudly! The first one I opened was a very cool clay bead bracelet in "SuperMom" colors! The second was a Hawaiian handmade bag which will be perfect for me to take on my Hawaii trip next summer! The third was a handmade knitted pair of gloves in the same pattern that Bella from Twilight wears in the movie!! I still havent been able to see the movie yet....but Im thrilled to wear these gloves! I always have issues with that little part of my wrist being exposed when I wear regular gloves with my coat....not anymore :D they are perfect!!!

Melissa....THANK YOU so much :) You certainly brought smiles to our 3 faces and we're very thankful to have such a giving Secret Santa! I'm thrilled about starting the book (which I will do after dinner) You're the best!!!


Scott K. Johnson said...

Very cool!

Jill said...

Yeah it was!!! :D I was so thrilled to get the book that I ended up sitting down and reading it cover to cover :) Theres SOOO much I learned about the pump and about corrections and such! I started my list of questions for the Endo since we go Jan 22nd.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you all liked your presents. The photos are great and made me laugh! Happy Holidays!

Cara said...

I love it! I'm soooo jealous of the Bella mittens! :)
Isn't the D-OC great!?!?!?

Jill said...

Amalas....We loved them all! I was able to wear my mittens day before yesterday and ohhhhhh they were warm! Kacey has been walking around the house with the scoodie on...LOL its too funny!

Cara...The OC is wonderful!!! Without you all I'd still be so lost and struggling with my frustrations! I still havent been able to see the movie yet...BUTTTTTT I got the 4th BOOK!!!! Anddddd....if you go to Stephanie Meyer's website...shes started the 5th book called Midnight Sun!!! The series hasnt ended :)