Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Dose Change!

I really saw this dose change coming and I predicted it a week before the call. The CDE just called me and said that Dr. R wanted to change Kacey's lunch carb ratio again. Instead of 1:12 they want to make it 1:10...wowwwww! I know she was still bouncing up in the high 200's to low 300's two hours after she ate lunch. They also want her to test after breakfast to watch the morning dose and see what happens. So now she will be testing three times while she's at school. So before she eats that morning snack at 10am then she needs to test. This won't need to be in effect until she goes back from her Christmas break since tomorrow is her last day til Jan 5th. So for now, her breakfast and dinner carbs will stay 1:15 and lunch is 1:10. Weeeeeeeee! It's a good thing I have the ability to keep all these numbers straight! I sit and think sometimes what if I was one of those mothers who was too busy with a social life to worry about numbers? Or what if I was one of those mothers who really didn't give a shit about her child? Yikes! Thats a pretty scary thought :( I know at times it's very stressful to remember I:C ratios, test times, figuring carbs (gotta have a calculator at all times), making sure you give Humalog and not Lantus... and I wonder how a child manages with a mother that isn't on top of all of that? I'm just pleased with myself that I am comfortable enough to make those dose changes or at least notice when I think one should be made and make note of it when I fax her blood sugars in. I knew she needed that carb change but I didn't want to make it until they called me because I know they are keeping close eye on the changes now. Wahooooo! We're almost a month away from her BIG 6 month appointment! I'm excited for 2 reasons.... 1) I finally get to see what her A1c is since she was diagnosed and 2) we get to discuss the pump!!!! I told Kacey that we knew she wouldn't be pumping by Christmas....but we're gonna push hard so she is pumping by her birthday in March!!

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