Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Meds

I ended up calling the doctor this morning for Kacey. She was up all night coughing and feeling pretty miserable with blood sugars in the 300's. When she got up this morning she was still a 264 and was feverish. I took her temp and she was running a low grade 99.1 and her nose was running so bad. The CNP that we saw the other day wasnt working today and I explained to the receptionist that we were instructed to call back if Kacey got worse and she IS worse! She talked to the doctor and they pulled Kaceys chart and within an hour they'd faxed over the prescriptions to the pharmacy....another round of Zithromax and some cough med with codiene (to help her rest and quiet that nasty cough) ~sigh~ Kacey spent most of the day laying around and taking cat naps. She ate very little for breakfast...a little more for lunch....and NOTHING for dinner! Now the panic Mommy part of me was worried that she wasnt eating but the common sense Mommy part of me said its ok because her blood sugar was a 204! She did ask for some sugar free hot chocolate and nilla wafers for bedtime snack. So she got a little of her appetite back and her sugar was a at least we're down out of the 300's.

I sure hope she kicks this cold soon! I dont know if she'll be home from school again tomorrow? I dont want her to miss class...but then again her poor body needs the rest too and I think another day at home might do her some good since she's struggling so hard to fight this cold! We'll see how she does through the night.

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