Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tree & Ornaments

Here are a few pics of the tree and my ornaments....keep in mind that my tree is decorated by my girls each year so thats why the ornaments look jumbled. I love watching them get excited as we get the ornaments out. They have the same reactions as I did when I was little...

... "Oh Mommy! I remember this one!"
...."Awww I remember why we bought this one"
..."Look how old this one is!"
..."Mommy do you STILL want to hang that New Kids On The Block ornament on the tree?"
...."Ohhh this is one from when I was born!"

My new ornament this year is the one about my brother...LOL! My mom gave me that one and she bought my brother one that is the exact opposite. I still get a new ornament each year from my Mom and she also gives the girls each new ornaments. I got them each a new ornament but I havent given them to them yet. Kayleigh's says "First Born (Mom's favorite)" and Kacey's says "Youngest Child (Mom's favorite)" ...hahaha notice the pattern of "sibling rivalry" here? *giggles*


Karen said...

What a great tree. I love the funny ornaments. :)

Cara said...

I wanna see the New Kids ornament!!! :)