Friday, November 14, 2008

World Diabetes Day

Today is our first World Diabetes Day. It's not a holiday I really want to celebrate but its a day that I ask myself...What can I do to educate those around me? My first step is trying to encourage as many parents as I can to have their blood sugar checked and to have their child's checked at their well-checkup. This test is a simple finger stick that could be the difference in life & death. This simple test is something that Kacey does 8-12 times a day and all I'm asking is for them to do it once. I really think that a finger stick should be mandatory at every well check up...most of the finger sticks they do at check ups just check iron levels....not blood sugar! My next step is to encourage everyone I talk to today to go to and donate! They can still donate under Kacey's team name "Diabetes Sweeties". I will explain to them what JDRF does and how the money they give is helping researchers get one step closer to a cure!

My hope... a cure in Kacey's lifetime!

Wear blue in support of World Diabetes Day....wear blue in support of Kacey!

Update on Kacey:
I've been doing finger sticks every 3 hours since we were told to yesterday. She woke up at a 163 this morning :) I'll take it! We had to do 2 correction doses in between the regular doses and shes finally come down. Im going to leave the Lantus at 11 units and see how she does since she woke up in range this morning. She is feeling well enough to go back to school and shes excited about going to the play today. I'll be with her at school all day today and then we have the weekend to get things back on track. Hopefully her school nurse will be back on Monday. I havent heard anything so I hope shes doing ok. We've missed her the last 2 weeks!

More later...

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The Turner's said...

I read this recently - can't remember where "you know you're the parent of a diabetic when your child calls from school and tells you that the nurse is out for the day and you decide to spend the day in 1st grade".... God Bless You! Nikki has been battling some obscenely high numbers, but so far today we've had a 109, 168, 145-here's hoping for a full day in the 100's!