Thursday, November 13, 2008

Doc Visit Update

We found the culprit for the rise in blood sugars.....a sinus infection! Yep and we walked out with a prescription for Zithromax and a cough pill called Tessalon... hmmm cough pill? Apparently this pill wont rise her blood sugars like cough syrup will. LOL ... reminds me of some sort of gimmick thingy. Anyway...she just got her first dose and shes eating dinner and wanting to lay back down. When I checked her at 3pm she was a 309 so she did the correction shot without too much fuss. I explained to her that her Endo wanted her to check her sugar every 3 hours and if she was high then do a correction shot and as much as she was going to hate getting the shot, with any luck she'd actually feel better once she got her sugar back in range :) She agreed that she'd rather feel better than worry about a shot. Im just so proud of her! The blood sugar checks every 3 hours are gonna be a bitch tho...this means shes gotta do that at school too *grumbles*

Now I wanna rant about this visit with the Im just all about ranting today but this is really bothering me. I dont have a medical degree...I dont claim to know everything about diabetes....and often Ive been known to ask more questions than I really should...but its only because I DO wanna know all I can about my daughters illness and be the best parent I could possibly be. That being said.... The doc is our family PCP. When I talked to the CDE earlier she suggested since Kacey hadnt been feeling well and was coughing til she threw up then she thought maybe we should see the PCP for a prescription to help her feel better. I took her advice and made the appt as soon as I could. This is the same PCP that I took her to when I thought she had the bladder infection and he sent us straight to the ER at Children's because she had Type 1! here is the convo:

Doc: So how much insulin does she get a day?
Me: Well it depends on her blood sugar. She gets 1:18 for bfast and lunch and 1:20 for dinner and then we do a correction dose for anything over 150.
Doc: Ok so how many units does she get?
Me: I dont depends on whether she needs a correction dose and how many carbs she eats?
Doc: Well how many carbs does she eat?
Me: Ummm it depends on how hungry she is
Doc: Well how many calories is she eating?
Me: We were told not to watch calories...we watch carbs and dose her like that
Doc: I think your problem is food intake. Thats why she is having high blood sugars and once you get that under control then her numbers will come down.
Me: Thats not the problem for the highs...shes sick and shes still in her honeymoon and they are tweaking her dose.
Doc: Well she has more highs than normal blood sugars so its her food intake and she should be getting a set amount of insulin a day and she should be getting about 1400 calories a day or she should at least have a set number of carbs she is allowed to have. this point I could feel my cheeks getting red...I could see my oldest daughter shaking her head because she knew EXACTLY what I was thinking!! Clearly this doc was talking about TYPE 2!!!!! Not only that....he was telling me about the woman that came in and was taking 60 units a day and he just up'ed her dose to 70 units. Geezussssss 70 units of Humalog a day would kill Kacey!!! I was at a point that I couldnt even argue back because of the knot in my throat that was making me want to cry!!! I think I need to make an appt with the CDE just to discuss things going on and get us all on the same page. When Kacey is sick, I will just suck up the $40 copay and take her over there rather than taking her to a Family doc. Even tho Im not a huge fan of her Endo, they know all about her and have her blood sugar records and can make a better call as to what to do for her. This just sucks! I felt like I could have done more for her if I had the prescription pad! LOL!

~sigh~ So there ya have it....the frustrations of being a Mommy of a child with diabetes!

Who knows what tomorrow holds?!?!

We have the fieldtrip but it will all depend on whether she grumbles or smiles when I poke her in the morning. I'll update as I can!



Cara said...

This is when you tell them, "I want to see the pediatric endo on call please". :D

Jill said...

I would have if the Docs were affiliated. Our PCP a private practice that is ten min from our house and the Pediatric Endo is an hour and a half away :( Do you think I was silly in getting upset? I just feel like I knew more about Type 1 than he did and Im not even the doc!

Lynnea said... stomach was in knots as I read your post!! UGH!! If we could get together I would scream with you!! Dumb doctor!! No, you were fine, not silly, for getting upset.

I had a similar situation with our PCP...I basically shut down when they start questioning me about the diabetes. Especially the "how much insulin?"....that's like the first question...and what does that have to do with anything if they aren't the endo evaluating the numbers? When we were on lantus we had no we have a clue if we choose to look at the pump....but I generally have no idea how much he gets in a day. This guy was really clueless though.

UGH, UGH and UGH!!! And yes you did know more about type one than this guy!! You will find that you often will know more than doctors and nurses. It's not their area of expertise....but it is YOURS!!!:-)