Monday, November 10, 2008

ANOTHER Dose Change!

~sits up and tries to smile thru gritting teeth~

Yep...ANOTHER dose change! The CDE called and said the doc wanted to change her breakfast carbs from 1:20 to 1:18... hmmm isnt that what I wanted to do already? LOL! She said it seems Kacey's running high after breakfast.....DUH! Haha! Geesh...if I dont laugh about it then I'll cry!

We had another drop this afternoon...not as bad...but a BIG drop. She was a 287 at 3pm and she just tested for dinner and was a 79! Instead of treating a low, I just had her eat dinner. This way I'm not stuck in the situation I was the other day with overcorrecting. She said she feels fine so thats always a good thing :)

As for me, I picked up my application this afternoon and I dropped off 2 of the 3 letters of reference that I needed filled out. I was at Kacey's school all day again today :) It really has lit my teaching fire again and I really like being there. It also makes me feel better knowing that Im just an announcement away from getting to her. I will be up at school every day the rest of the week because her school nurse, Mrs. H, is still out of town. Her Mom is still really bad off *sad* I'm still keeping her in my thoughts and prayers.


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Cara said...

You'll get to the point (eventually) where you make the changes yourself and tell the doc about it later. :)
I ask for advise sometimes, if I'm stumped. But for the most part, I just do it myself.