Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Update

Whew! This was a fast weekend :(

I left off on Friday morning. Kacey woke up at a 163 and was feeling well enough to go back to school. She was really excited about going to the much that by 9am she was up to a 286! I had a chance to speak to the teachers about the note. Geezus...lack of sleep combined with major PMS emotions had me all choked up and I ended up in tears trying to talk to Mrs. S about what happened. She assured me that it wasnt just Kacey that wasnt listening that was the whole class...and she wasnt singled out...they all were spoken to. So after making an emotional blubbering ass of myself, I boarded the bus with Kacey to leave for the fieldtrip. The play was at Kayleigh's school and it turned out to be a production by Theater 4 and was "The Boy Who Cried Wolf". The kids loved it! While we were sitting there, it was time for Kacey to test and have a snack... 257! Grrrr... ok so that meant we had to do a correction shot. This really sucks! By lunchtime she was down to a 169...ok we're back in range....for now! So 3pm rolls around....time to test again.... 361!!! Holy cow!! Have I mentioned how frustrating this is....and again...lack of sleep and PMS has me in tears again! We come home and 5pm...shes a we do dinner and a correction. Since Kayleigh was gone out with Stephen and his family and Frankie went to meet a was just me and Kacey for the evening. We dug out the UNO game and played about 30 games :) It was good to see her laugh (even if she was running on the high side). So by 8pm it was time to test for bedtime.... imagine the shocking smile on her face when the beep revealed a 128! YAY! all the correcting all day long finally has her back on the low end of the range and she's all smiles! We decide to celebrate with popcorn and watching "Super Nanny" in my bed :D She dozes off and I do her 11pm test without her even! This is good...this is real good! Set the alarm for 2am....By then I knew she should be coming down...167...yes!

Saturday morning I tiptoe in and test her at 6am...143! Wow! This is great! Today is the Fall Festival at school. We met my Mom for breakfast at 7am...149! By 9am she was back to a 286 but she insisted that she felt well enough to go to the festival....still coughing! So we got there around 10am and she had 100 tickets to use up :) She had a good time playing all the games and the exciting part was...she did the cake walk and she won....she went over to the table and said "Mom, can I get the cake with no icing?" ... part of me wanted to cry (again) but the other part of me was so proud of her for choosing that way! Her principal was there and she actually praised her and gave her a thumbs up for getting the pound cake. Some of the games she played gave candy prizes and she'd play and put the candy in her bag and then she handed the bag to her sister and said "I got to play the game so heres a prize for you!" and she gave all the candy to her sister! While we were at one of the games, one of her friends came up and hugged her and then said "Kacey this game doesnt give the toy prizes!" (She's in Kaceys class so she knows) and Kacey turned around and said "It's ok! I don't want the candy! Im playing for my sister!" It made my heart smile :) As lunchtime got closer I figured she'd start fussing about being hungry...she didnt! I kept asking her if she wanted something and she just wasnt I dont know what that is all about...but I made her test at 12pm to make sure she was ok.... 244! the excitement is still kicked in...LOL! We got home at 1pm and she was still at 224 but I made her eat a little something. By dinner she was a 238 and then 8pm she tested for bedtime....133! YES! She was back in range before bed :) I'm thinking that maybe those lunch carbs need to be changed now!

Today has been a lazy Sunday. We've stayed around the house and she played most of the day. She woke up at a 212 though :( By 9am she was a 192 and ready to eat breakfast. Not sure whats going on with her appetite. Shes not been very hungry the last few days. Maybe the antibiotic has her out of whack? By lunch she was a 137 ... good number for her! But by dinner....306!!! Geesh!!! Don't know what in the world spiked her up like that?

This week will still be a little crazy. A bit of bad news.... Mrs. H's (Kaceys nurse) mom passed away on Friday :( We knew it was coming and our thoughts and prayers are with her as she makes all the arrangements and travels back home from Boston. I don't know when she will be back but the school does have an RN coming in by the end of the week. The sub thats been in the nurses office, Mrs. W, has been so good to Kacey since Mrs. H was gone. Even though Ive been up at school til she gets her shot, shes made sure to call me whenever Kacey wasnt feeling good and every time she tested so I knew what her numbers were. We're thankful that she's been in good hands :) I cracked up laughing the other day because Mrs. W (who Ive known for about 15 years now) told Kacey "Come over here and gimme some sugar (hugs & kisses)" and Kacey blurts out "Mrs. W, you have to stop giving me sugar because you're making my blood sugar stay high!" Hahahaha! It was priceless!

Thats about all for now :) I hope everyone had a nice weekend!


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