Friday, November 7, 2008

How Low Can You Go?

It seems like everytime I have a rant at Diabetes, he decides to back off because he knows how damn frustrating it is! Last night Kaceys bedtime blood sugar was a 149!!! The lowest shes been in a while! Even though it was a good number, I decided to put on my Secret Spy costume and see if I could catch that criminal named Mr. D.P. (Dawn Phenomenon). After Cara's mention of it, I did some research and it was saying to test at 3am for a few days and see what the numbers are. I think this will also help the Endo make changes to the Lantus as well...geesh...wouldn't it have been just as easy for the CDE to say "Mom, try doing 3am checks for us so we can use those numbers to help us with her dose" ~sigh~ Anyway...her bedtime check was 149 @ 8pm ... I checked again at 11:30pm and she was a 214 .... then at 3am she was a 170 ... and woke up at 7am with a 142! So shes spiking up toward the midnight hour and then coming down? She was a 182 for lunch and still smiling. Im glad to see her feeling better tho! I will continue to do the 3am checks until I fax numbers on Monday and then see what the doc says then. Hopefully that will give them a better idea of how to change things. Wooohooooo!

As for me... with the school nurse being out, I've been up at the school volunteering because its easier than running back and forth. That "teacher" part of me is starting to come alive again! I taught preschool for 8 years and then when I had Kacey I quit to be home with her. A part of me always wanted to be back in the classroom but then I liked having the freedom of being at home. I've been in the classroom with 1st graders and after a few days they're hugging me and waving to me in the hall...I'm not just "Kacey's Mom" anymore... I'm "Mrs. West" :) So...I've made the decision to go back to work. Yeah I know... it was a long and hard decision...but I'm going to put in to substitute for now. That way I still have the flexability...but I will also be at the school with Kacey if she needs me. I figure if I'm going to be in the class I might as well get paid for being there! I'm really excited about going back. I redid my the process of getting my 3 letters of recommendation and a copy of my transcripts...and I'll drop by on Monday for the application. For now, I'll continue to volunteer :) I'm working in the office on Monday and helping the principal with some preparations for the Fall Festival. So lots of excitement here and I've really been happy the last few days... its been a long time since I've felt like this!



Cara said...

I have a degree in education. I taught 2nd grade for a year and love it. My job ended as it was only a temp position and I had trouble finding another job (elementary is not having a teacher shortage!). So I fell into the job I have now (social work). But children still have my heart. I work with 5-6 year olds at my church and I LOVE them! I am hoping to go back to teaching in a year or so. I am currently getting my certification extended to include pre-k.
It's a hard, but rewarding job.
Good luck to you!

Colleen said...

Subbing can be great! I did it for years and loved it - no papers to bring home for grading & no lesson plans. I subbed at my kids' school only and could have worked five days a week, easily. Hope it works for you!

The Turner's said...

Hey Everyone,(BTW Cara, I'm in education as well). Jill, it's not at all funny, but I chuckled at you deciding to get up and check at 3 a.m.; After 5+ years I AUTOMATICALLY wake up at 3 a.m and do a routine check - Nikki never moves and most of the time I think she thinks I'm making up the fact that I test her in the middle of the night.

Jill said...

Those 3am checks leave me dragging tho...LOL! I think they're going to be beneficial for the Endo tho :) (at least I hope so!) you do the checks every night or just random nights when shes not been feeling well?

Kacey hasn't woke up when I've tested I guess thats a good sign that she's got a good lancet.

Colleen...Im only going to sub at Kaceys school too :) They told me they'd keep me busy! They have 3 teachers that are pregnant now and they're always needing the help.

Cara...I originally wanted to do social work and ended up getting pregnant with my oldest daughter when I was only 19 and since I went to college at night while I was still in high school (yep I was a bookworm/nerd...LOL) I had my Child Studies and my Instructional Aide certificates before I graduated high school. I ended up staying at the daycare I was working at and took over teaching the preschool until Kacey was born. Once she was born I quit and I miss it so much :)