Friday, November 7, 2008

One Helluva Ride!!

I guess I should have known better than to say anything about things being "better" *cry* After I posted the post before this, I got a phone call from the substitute nurse... "Hi Jill! (hearing desperation in her voice) I think you should come and get Kacey right now! She's throwing up and she doesnt feel good." .... I'M ON MY WAY!!!! So I get there and rush into the clinic...just in time to see Kacey with her head hung in the trash can puking and the Principal sitting with her. Imagine the rush that went thru my body when Kacey looked up at me with NO color in her face!! I tried talking to her and she had this "disoriented" state about her. I immediately cradled her in my arms and her Principal said she was worried because she'd went so pale. So I asked Kacey what made her sick? Was it the coughing? Was it the fact that she went from lunch to recess and was running around and got hot and sweaty? Was it the flu? I don't know....I got her to the car with a plastic bag, towels and a wet cloth in tow....and YES she used them on the way home!!! ~sigh~ Once we got home she got right in bed...her blood sugar was a 187....hmmm ok. She ended up going to sleep and I woke her up at 5pm since it was time to eat dinner...she tested.... 60!!!!!!! Holy LOW NUMBERS Batman! OMG! So now its time to eat....but instead she has 4 glucose tabs....wait 15min and test... Ummmm 495!!!!!! YIKES!!!!!!! Now what? Shes hungry and wanting dinner....shes at a 495 and I dont want to overcorrect....what do I do? Think Jill, THINK! OK...let her eat...give her the insulin for the food but only give her 2 units to correct and then retest in an hour and see where her number is. So thats what I do... an hour later... 181!!! do I jump for joy since I didnt overcorrect and drop her again and because shes not thrown up since earlier and she feels fine.... or do I collapse from the emotional toll that this took on me? Neither! I take 4 Motrin to kill the migraine I have and smile. Talk about a roller coaster stomach is still in knots from dealing with everything!

It's now time to test for bedtime.... 146 :) ~sighs heavy~ I think I need a hot bubble bath...LOL!



Scott K. Johnson said...

Major suckage! Doesn't sound fun at all! I hope she's feeling better quickly.

Cara said...

Better to run a little high...but just so you know, infection tends to make your blood sugar run higher. :( Not fun, but still true.

The Turner's said...

I agree with Cara, and please HUG HUG HUG Kacey from Nikki and I (and tell her to YOU from us as well). My heart is breaking with yours, hang in there. How is she now?

Jill said...

Been a LONGGGGG 24hrs! After that 146 at bedtime, I got my bath and something told me to check her again...even tho it was only an hour later... 126!! She was steady falling again (gives the miserable grumpy look that Kacey does) So I was scared she'd drop again like she did earlier and I ended up getting her to eat some mini nilla wafers (btw, have y'all noticed the mini ones have more flavor? LOL) So I knew since she ate then she'd go back up and be ok thru the night. Woke up for the 3am check... 188. Then she woke up at 7am...166 and she was sitting there singing "If You're Happy & You Know It".... omg!! no more throwing up and she woke up smiling. She was a 189 for lunch and then by 3pm she was up to a 304 and getting a case of the "grumpies" again. I took her for a walk down by the river and we picked fall leaves along the way....hoping that she'd leave the grumpies outside LOL! By dinner she was down to a 204 and feeling ok...still not very social...but not sick at her thats a good thing in my book!

Still dont know what caused her to throw up...but she's got a cough now so I'm wondering if all these highs she was having was her body telling her she was about to get sick again? Geesh...I've noticed that she's getting colds VERY easy now! Seems like the smallest change in weather and shes got the sniffles.

*sad* Will she get colds and stuff more easily now? Should she be taking some sort of vitamins to keep her from getting sick?