Saturday, November 29, 2008

Addicted...I'd say so!

OK...I so addicted to this Twilight series! I read the 2nd book in only a week and my Mom had bought me the 3rd book for Christmas. While we were out shopping today she got me the 4th and final book (does a secret happy dance) and when we got back home from shopping she gave me the 3rd book and kept the 4th for Christmas...YAYYYYY! So now I get to start the 3rd book tonight and I am so excited!

I don't know what it is about Edward.... *sigh* .... maybe the fact that I know he's played by a British actor and I have a very weak spot for those sexy Brits *wink* LOL! Then again, it could be the fact that he's resists that urge to bite Bella and it makes you wanna read more!

Whatever the reason... I'm addicted and can't wait to get more of Edward!

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Cara said...

I just finished book 3 (again!). :) I love it. You so know you aren't going to be able to wait until Christmas for the 4th book. :P
Go check this video out (and it's part 2) on you tube. The title is 7 Lessons a Guy Can Learn from Edward Cullen.
It's totally true. :)