Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

On the day after Thanksgiving, while all the crazies are out pushing, shoving and fighting over useless bargains, I stay home and drag down the Christmas decorations. I got up at 7am...tiptoed to the kitchen and put on some coffee...and then put on Classic Christmas songs CD. Kayleigh spent the night with my Mom and they got up at 4am and were out fighting those crazies. Kacey woke up at 8am...sugar was a 161 and she was smiling...Id already cleaned up the living room and rearranged what needed to be so we could start the decorating. Once Kayleigh came home we decorated the tree.....After they finished decorating, Kacey decided to be creative again. Since she was diagnosed, she has this issue with saving used test strips. She has a little dish that she drops them in and when she gets enough of them she makes a picture with them. When she did the first one, I wasn't sure if it was something we should be doing. I mean, after all, they do have used blood on them and some people get all bent out of shape with the idea of that....BUT....this was Kaceys blood so I knew as long as we only kept them at our house then we were fine. Well...while I was talking with one of the teachers at school, the topic of these pictures came up. She asked me why Kacey makes them?'s sorta like "therapy" for her. She has to do something painful but then she uses that and makes something creative with it. So I was telling her that Kacey wanted to share the pics with family but I had to explain to her that some people just dont like the idea of "blood" so she gave me a fantastic idea....laminate them! OMG! Thats great! Plus it keeps the strips from coming off and we can save them for years to come. I thought maybe we'd start a "Test Strip Scrapbook" and when she gets older, it will be something she can look back on. But...she gave away her first picture this morning.
She made this one for Nae-Nae (my Mom) and we laminated it and took it to her this morning. We aren't going to make it a habit of giving these pictures out but she wanted to make one for my Mom for Christmas. This pic was 29 pokes....thats 29 sugar tests...about 3 days worth! So when she gave it to my Mom she was so proud of herself and my Mom went on to make a dramatic excited reaction and told her she would display it :) Ahhhh...whatever it takes to get her thru a daily poke! BTW...I have 13 more pics to laminate...LOL! I'll post them soon!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Lynnea said...

WOW!! Kacey is very creative....I think you could market this for Christmas...take a photo of the card, then make photo cards from them with a Merry Christmas greeting and blurb about the test strips and/or diabetes and suggestion to give for a cure ....a lot of people are looking for tax deductible causes this time of year. Anyway....sorry for going off...I just think it's a marvelous picture!!:-)

Jill said...

Neat! I never thought about doing that :D I need to take pics of all the other ones she did and post them up. They are so cute but yet have so much meaning. Only T1's and parents would really understand just how much meaning they have tho ;)