Saturday, November 29, 2008

Test Strip Pics

Here are some of the pictures Kacey made with her test strips last night. I couldn't post them all so I chose a few of my personal favs! Enjoy :) ...and thanks Lynnea for the great idea for photo cards! I will definately put some more thought into that!!
Santa & his reindeer (This is my FAV!! Priceless!!)

Cure Diabetes Angel
Pretty self explanitory....I Love You
Christmas Tree

Flowers & Sunshine



Shannon said...

Man with the cost of those test strips those pictures should be worth hundreds of dollars.

Actually they are really cute! What a crafty little lady you have on your hands!

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I cried. It is comforting to know that there are people out there that are feeling just like me. Thank you! We will have to keep in touch!

Jill said...

I soooo agree!! The strips get so costly...along with all the other stuff...insulin, lancets, pen needles, etc!

I remember feeling so alone when Kacey was diagnosed because I didn't know anyone else with Type 1. I have to say...the Diabetes OC has been a blessing! I started blogging and reading blogs and suddenly I felt "normal" because everything I was feeling was exactly what I was supposed to be feeling! Its only been (almost) 5 months for us but the Mommy Meltdowns dont come every day now...its more like once a week. So things will get better and you will adjust to a new way of life and then it wont seem so abnormal then. We're in a pretty good routine and sorta live by the clock (for now) and its given Kacey more control over her care. She knows whats going to happen and certain times and so it makes life a little less hectic.

Keep in touch!!