Saturday, September 13, 2008


Yep...he's lookin right at me...about 8 feet away!

Josh signing Kacey's poster & pic

Kacey with her signed poster & pic

Kacey with her shirt Josh tossed to her

HOLYYYYYYY MOLEYYYYYYYYYYY! We just got home from the Josh Gracin concert at Busch Gardens tonight. OMG It was amazinggggggggggg!!! The concert started at 6pm and at 4:30pm we decided we were gonna zip over to Busch (only a 30min drive) since my Mom called and said it wasnt crowded at all. Hmmmm...not crowded? How can that be? American Idol's Josh Gracin was taking the stage in an hour and a half and it WASN'T crowded?!?! So I threw some things in a backpack and out the door we went! We got over there and got into the concert...walked right up to the very front of the stage...and waited....waited ....and waited some more! LOL! At 6pm he came out!! Before we'd run out the door from home, Kay mentioned making a sign. I grabbed a piece of paper from the computer...scribbled "WE VOTED FOR YOU" on it (since we really did make calls each week for him) and I threw that in the backpack too. So I pull the sign out and Kay's too shy to hold it now....well Kacey snatched it and says "I wanna hold it!" certainly got a reaction! Here we are...up against the front of the stage...Kacey holding this sign...and Josh comes over singing to her and tosses her a t-shirt!!!! OMG I thought the kid was gonna pass out....and NO her sugar wasnt low! HAHAHA! So Ive got two girls screaming and singing at the top of their lungs....when they mention that he's gonna be signing autographs at the merchandise tent!?!?! OMG! One photo moment that cant be missed!! We slip out to the merchandise tent and Frankie bought them each a poster for him to sign...well not only did he sign those...he signed Kacey's sign she held the whole show and he thanked her for voting and asked her if she enjoyed the show? LOL She was so star struck she just stood there smiling at him! As soon as she walked away she started babbling and didnt shut up until I finally put her to bed an hour ago! Too funny :) So it was well worth the wait all summer to see him.....AND I must say....he really does care about his fans! He came down in the crowd and was taking pics while he was out there...he threw out tshirts at every song....he threw drum sticks and guitar picks out...and then signed autographs. There arent many music artists that will do that with their fans! Not to mention...he put on an amazing concert!! By the time the concert was over, we stopped to test on our way out and Kacey had gone down to a 90....Hahaha...ummm ok we ran in the high 200's for 2 days....and she meets Josh Gracin and drops to a 90 :) LOL I wonder if we can rent him? ~giggles~

Im exhausted so Im gonna call it a night!


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