Friday, September 12, 2008

Who Is That Man?

Since Kacey was having a better afternoon and she kept asking to go visit Nae-Nae (my Mom)...Frankie & I decided that we would take advantage of the time and get some dinner...just the two of us. We took the girls to Mom's about 6:30pm. As much as Kacey wanted to stay...this was the first time we'd left her anywhere other than school...since she got out of the hospital. She'd had her dinner already and was going to get her bedtime snack there and then we'd be back in time for me to give her the bedtime dose of Lantus. After a few tearful hugs & kisses, we were finally able to leave. I wanted to go to my fav place to eat...Juan's...a nice little Mex restaurant only about 3 miles from Mom's house.
So we get inside and we sit down at the table and Im looking across the table at Frankie and realizing that its been over 8 weeks since we actually havent had the kids around us to interupt our conversations. I laughed and said "Ummm who are you?" and he gave me this puzzled look and asked me what in the world I was talking about? I said "Well I seem to have forgotten who you are!" Hahaha! Anyway...we're sitting there talking and Im going on about Kacey's rough day...the pump....the CGMS....the doc visit Monday...the list of questions....the dilemma with the nurse....the pump... (LOL notice a pattern here?) So he looks at me and says "Can we just talk about us for 5 minutes?" YIKES! How's that for a smack in the face? LOL! I was taking the time that I could talk about us and using it to go on about Diabetes Talk! Guess I was a bit wrapped up, huh? So we talked about us...whats been going on...and we did talk about how we're handling all of this. It seems that we've been so wrapped up in trying to care for Kacey that we forget that we do have feelings and we're both dealing with this in two different ways. So I tried to understand how he's dealing with it and what we can do to make things a little easier during the day. After a little over an hour, I was getting the fidgety Mommy syndrome and feeling the need to get back to Kacey. So we finished up and went on back to Moms. Kacey was having a good time! I walked in to...her laying with Mom on the floor playing Monopoly on the cell phone...Kay & Brian were watching TV ..and they'd had their snack ~smiles big~ Kay ended up staying the night with Mom and we took Kacey and came home. Her sugar was still in the high 200's but she was feeling MUCH better!
All in all....a good night!

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