Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Disappointing...but Good Visit

Yesterday was Kacey's first real Endo visit since coming home from the hospital. It's been 2 months since she was diagnosed. We met with the CNP and she was super nice! We talked about all the school issues and she is going to have one of the other nurses that handles the 504's call me and we'll get that ball rolling! I was disappointed because she didnt get her A1c checked *cry* The reason being...its only been 2 months and insurance will only cover it every 3 months! So we have to wait til Jan when we go for the next visit and they will check it then! But...like the nurse said...I'll be more surprised with the results at 6 months instead of being a bit disappointed if it wasnt down as much as I thought it would be in 2 months....so shes got a point :) Then for the biggie.... I asked about the pump! She was thrilled to see that I was being so proactive about Kaceys illness. She is going to ask her Doc and then call me within the next few days and discuss when we can start the process!! ~gets all excited~ It is going to be about a 6-8 week process...between insurance approval...getting the pump...going to the classes....and getting her started. I know we're going to choose the MiniMed :) and so we just have to make sure its covered with insurance and take the steps to get it! Kacey was really excited after we left the doc. I think she's seeing that its ok to have rough days and that things WILL get better...we just have to wait thru all this and get there :) I alsmo mentioned to the nurse about Kacey's "brick wall" episode and she told me that was completely normal and to be prepared for days like that. She let Kacey know it was ok to release control over to me and let me do her finger sticks and stuff when she just feels like she cant do them anymore...but it was important to do them so if she didnt want to then Mommy needed to. Kacey laughed and said "Thats what Mommy said to me!" LOL....so the nurse said "Well we all know that Mommys know best!" Haha! *puts her SuperMom outfit back on* The nurse looked over Kaceys blood sugars over the past few weeks...trying to find any trends...and shes still very well into her honeymoon and still bouncing like Tigger. She told me I could help with watching for trends by highlighting the lows and circling the highs and looks to see what caused them. She told us to continue that morning snack tho because there are days that she eats it and goes high for lunch...but then there are days that she eats it at 10am and when she tests at 12:30pm shes dropped to 65-75. So she said without that snack she could have easily gone down in the 40-50 range...so keep doing the snack for now. Overall, I was pleased with the visit and Im looking forward to the call back soon!

Kayleigh won her game last night....12-0...yep they creamed the other team! LOL! It was a great game!

We were all so tired last night that after dinner and bath...both girls went right to bed and I layed down on the bed to "rest" and ended up dozing off fully dressed!! I woke up at 5am and realized Id slept thru the night! Ahhhhhh....I guess my body shut down and needed a break!

Today we're trying something new at school. Kacey has been doing really good figuring out her own dose...so today she's going to test her sugar...go to lunch...and then go back to the nurse and call me after she figures the dose...so I can make sure she's got it right and then the nurse will give her the shot :) We're trying to eliminate the running back and forth to school & gas bill...but I also want Kacey to have her independence back. I think the more "in control" that Kacey feels...the better she will handle this. So letting her go to lunch without Mommy at her side will give her some freedom...and figuring up her own dose then calling me just to recheck...is the way we're going to go. We'll try and see how it goes!

Til later....

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