Monday, August 25, 2008

~sigh~ Weekend Update left on last Thursday and here it is Monday and Ive not updated...guess that shows how busy Ive been! So lets take it say by day...

Friday 8/22/08

I woke the girls up early to go over to Busch Gardens. They didnt know we were going and since it was my birthday it was a surprise! We met my Mom and went to breakfast at IHOP. Kacey did really well! Her sugar was a 117 and she even did her shot at the table! So we left there and went to Busch. They were really excited! By lunchtime I could see Kacey getting tired and asked her if she was ok? She tested and she was a 91. During that time, I finally got a call back from the Diabetes Center and Kristen said since Kacey seemed to be dropping at lunchtime then maybe we should changed just her breakfast carbs to 1:22 but keep the rest the same. So dinner she was a 135 and we went to Moms for presents and dessert. She did REALLY well and her bedtime sugar was 156. I got lots of really nice stuff :) The girls gave me the Pandora bracelet I asked for and the silver heart charm. So it was a really nice birthday after all *smile*

Saturday 8/23/08
Kacey woke up at 119 and we did the new carb dose for breakfast and she was a 155 for lunch :) She went up to a 191 for dinner and then we had a birthday party to go to and she wanted to have cake. She tested at 167 and since she'd just had insulin 2hrs prior and she was getting her night time dose in another hour, I didnt give her a shot. She only went up to 186 for bedtime. Another good day!

Sunday 8/24/08
We slept in this morning :) Kacey woke up at 145 and we did the new dose again and at lunch she was a 99. We had another party to go to at 2pm and she wanted cake ~sigh~ You cant tell them no when everyone else is eating it. So she tested at a 114 and she had a small sliver of cake and did just fine! By dinner she was a 162 and then at bedtime she was down to a 102. Another good day...LOL...the streak is gonna end soon I know it! I had some time to chill out and get things ready to do her 504 Plan. I checked the Diabetes Sweeties myspace and there were a few new friend requests. I met another Mom on there named Sheri and her daughter is 10 and had Type 1 since she was 5! I emailed with her for a bit and she reminded me that I really was "normal" ...hahaha! Kacey is excited to email Nikki. She wants her own myspace now...LOL! So I have to create that for her when I get time.

Monday 8/25/08 I ended! Kacey woke up at a 134...which was good! I started working on her 504 Plan since I meet with her nurse and teachers tomorrow afternoon. At lunch, Kacey was complaining of a headache...sure enough...she was down to a 64!!! So I gave her 3 glucose tabs and waited 15min....retested again and it was 398!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! From one extreme to the next! So I put in a call to the diabetes nurse just to ease my mind. This was at 12:30pm and so by 1pm they hadnt called back and Kacey was hungry so she retested and it was a 126....WTF?!?! either her body is doing wacky things or the meter was wrong. I tested myself to make sure it wasnt the meter....Nope...and owwwwwww! Those finger sticks hurt! So the nurse calls me back about 1:30pm and she said that Kaceys body just did something wacky and she doesnt have an explanation for it...but since she was 126 now then she was ok and for us to just pick up where we left off. 4pm she was a 128 and then for dinner she was a 171. Does this roller coaster ever end?!?! ~sigh~ Im just so tired and worn down. Im stressing over this meeting tomorrow! I completed the 504 Plan and the Health Plan so Im going into this as prepared as I can be. I got all her supplies together so we can take them with us. The only thing I have to get is some of the individual ketone strips, more alcohol pads and some snacks for her to keep at school. I will let ya know how the meeting goes tomorrow.

Til tomorrow...

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Sheri Caldwell Turner said...

Jill, you will do great. I can completely relate to the crazy, unexplained numbers. Just hang on to the good days. Let me know how the meeting goes and
BTW, I will admit to doing something crazy once a month: I poke every one of my fingers in succession one a month so that I never forget how it feels and keep me aware of atleast a tiny bit of what Nikki has to handle. Okay, I know it's weird, but this is me I'm talking about LOL. You will be great, you are already are!