Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meeting with Nurse....and Kay's open house!

Sooooo...its nearly 11pm...the house is finally quiet and all I hear is the sound of the fan and my fingers hitting the keys. I guess this is what "peace & quiet" sounds like...LOL...just sad that I have to wait til 11pm to hear it!

Today was pretty eventful :)

Kacey woke up at 3am *shocked face* and screamed in the baby monitor "MOMMYYYYYYYYYYYYY" ... ummm...if my heart needed to be tested I could have easily had my BP checked...LMAO....but that scream put me to the test! I went rushing in her room....heart racing.... "Kacey! Whats wrong?!?!" and quietly she says "I had a bad dream" *big let down* LOL I calmed her down...my heart still racing...and managed to get the glucose machine and just check to see where she was... 191 *puzzled look* Ummm ok...so it wasnt a bad dream because her sugar was high...hell, she couldnt even remember what the dream was...HAHAHA! So...I get her back to sleep...I go back to bed and collapse. but not for longgggg! 4:30am.... MOMMMMMM.... rush back in to her.... "I hear beeping in my ears" (omgggg by now Im a nervous wreck from being woken up like that...not once, but TWICE!) So I manage to get her layed back down and back to bed I stumbled. My eyes popped back open at 8am. At this point 7-11 coffee was sounding pretty damn good! LOL! I settled for Folgers..ha! I woke Kacey up at 9am and she was a 129...perfect! By lunch she was a 115 :) great!

Then by 1pm we were off to the meeting with her nurse at school. I was going into this meeting a bit on the defensive side. I guess Im at this point where I feel like a mother protecting her newborn and the "Nobody can care for her like I can" attitude was kicking in. I had to snap outta that before I drove myself to the looney bin (which isnt to say that Im not nearly there now...LOL) So we meet with Nurse Joanie and she was happy to see Kacey. I've known Joanie for many years! Her son and I graduated high school together...she was on the rescue squad with my Mom...and she was actually the clown for Kayleigh's 1st Bday party...13 years ago! She's watched both of the girls grow up and so I should of felt VERY comfortable going into the meeting, but I still had that "protective" feeling! So she welcomed both girls...gave them hugs...and we went into the conference room where we were joined by Nurse Jenny...who happens to be the nurse from the high school AND a parent of a Type 1 child who was diagnosed at 3 and is now 13. So she was coming into this meeting with nurse and parent info...OMG I must say...it was at that point I felt a sigh of relief *alittle*. I started out telling Kaceys story...how we got to where we are...and going over everything I was expecting. Nurse Jenny started to chime in with good ideas that have worked for her son over his years in school and things I could do for Kacey to help the transition be the easiest as possible. We talked about the 504 and how one needed to be put in place to protect Kacey. Also...the dreaded convo about "What to do in case of an emergency". My stomach was in knots thru this and I hope and pray I never have to be faced with that....BUT at least we have an "action plan". So once we talked for about an hour then Nurse Joanie brought in the teachers Kacey would have this year, the Librarian, the Music teacher, Art teacher, PE teacher, Guidance Councelor and even the Cafeteria workers!! We went over Kaceys schedule...what do to if she isnt feeling well...and the emergency plan with them. All of them asked questions and every single one of them was very open to making this as easy as possible for Kacey! So then everyone left out except her 2 main teachers and we talked with them a little more in detail. Her main teacher has a diabetic husband, who only found out a year ago he has Type 2. So she is aware of looking out for symptoms...and the other teacher has taught a few diabetic kids before and she was aware of things as well. So that REALLY helped me ease my mind. We are going to make a RED folder for Kacey. There will be one in place in each classroom and resourse class. This will be the emergency folder and the folder that will be given to any substitute that is in the class. If there is going to be a sub that day then the teachers have agreed to call me and let me know so I can alert Kacey. This way she can make sure whoever is in the class reads her folder. Also, the teachers and I thought it would be a good idea for Kacey to tell the class about her diabetes. My main reason for this was 1) to let Kacey speak out about it and inform others and 2) this way her "friends" will be on the lookout and if they are anywhere in school (lunch, walk & talk, recess, or class) then if they see she isnt feeling well and she isnt well enough to find a teacher....then she will have help! Her friends can sort of look out for her :) They were also very excited about the JDRF walk and told Kacey they are sure they could incorporate that into class and get class support. So I thought that was VERY special! So I left there with a great feeling :) I even got Nurse Jenny's numbers and email and she told me that if I ever needed anything that we could talk parent to parent. Just having that bit of support helped!

So...I left Kaceys school and we had to go to Kayleigh's open house. OMG...talk about a trip down memory lane! It seems like yesterday that I walked the halls of that high school!!! Fun times *wink wink* LOL...scary thing is...there are still teachers there that were there when I was there...ummm...15 years ago!!! So I bet they're feeling REALLY old tonight...haha! Kay got her schedule...we went around to all her classes and got the class lists and met all the teachers (which happen to be super nice!) I think shes gonna have a great year and she's pleased with her schedule because she got all her first picks for classes! She was even more excited when she found out she has her hockey coach for her English Honors class! While we were there, I had to meet up with Nurse Jenny again...LOL...and I gave her Kays doctors note for her to carry her inhaler. So we chatted a bit more about the 504 and she urged me to push it because of the seriousness of diabetes and the symptoms Kacey could face. So it makes me feel good to have a parent so close to talk to face to face and that is "seasoned" with all the school stuff.

OK...so we leave school...come straight home....and get in the groove for dinner. Kacey tested at a 147 :) another good one! So then it was getting close to bedtime testing and Kay made mention of feeling sick at her stomach. Kacey giggled and said "Sissy you should test! My tummy hurts when Im high!" So Kay brushed her off and Kacey went on and tested at a 109. Well I told Kay out of curiosity I thought she should test since it had been nearly 4 hours since she'd eaten anyway. Ummmm...so we tested....and it was a 151. OK...not really an alarm...but on Saturday she was feeling bad and "drained" and I tested her and she was a 74 (after she'd eaten an hour before) So...call me paranoid....but Im not getting a good feeling and Ive got this sick little ping in my tummy. Surely they BOTH are not?!?! So just to ease my fears...Im going to make an appt for Kay to just have that A1c checked and make sure! Better to be safe than sorry is what I say!

And that brings me to now....everyone still asleep...the calm so nice....and my mind still racing 100 miles an hour! LOL! Sadly, Nurse Jenny informed me today that the "Mommy Meltdowns" never go away...and the fear you feel when you do middle of the night checks and morning wakings will never go away! Im always gonna worry...its my job....its called....being a MOM!

So with that, I will leave you. May you all rest well and keep praying for a cure!


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