Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crazy Few Days if things couldn't get crazier....and to think I was seeing "normal"...NOT!

So...after Kacey got that 127 on Tuesday...she went down to 108 for dinner and then up to 181 for bedtime. I was pretty satisfied with those numbers :)

Yesterday she woke up at a was ok...but not great. Then....lunchtime she went down to 69!!! GEESH!!! We went from one extreme to the next :( So around 3pm she was only at 105 and then for dinner she went back up to 170. When it was time to test for bed she was down to a I made her eat a little more and brought her up to 129 at 10pm. She went to sleep and then woke up crying from a dream at 12am...her sugar was 176.

So...I let her sleep in this morning and she was a 137 when she woke up at 9am. We had to take Kay up to the school because she had a game in Va Beach today and when we got to the school, Kacey said she had the shakies....she tested...67!!! My goodness!!! I cant win :( Then she went to 112 for dinner. She just tested for bedtime and it was up to 205. Grrrrr!

Struggled with Kacey tonight over the shot. Frankie wanted to do her night time dose and she cried and didnt want him to do it. He got frustrated...I got frustrated...and its just been a mess. I know he wants to try to give them to her but I cant force her to let someone try and give her a shot after he failed twice before. Especially since this is her large dose. So I told her that we would let him try again when she was getting a small dose.

I put in a call to the Diabetes Center earlier since she had 2 low blood sugars and because I still hadnt gotten a call back from them since Frankie faxed the blood sugars in yesterday. They never called me back so I dont know whats going on?

Well... tomorrow is my birthday... not really up to celebrating :( It's been a rotten month and I really dont have much to celebrate. I was asked what I wanted for my birthday and I still insist on "a day of peace and quiet" but somehow now matter how many candles I blow out...that wont be a wish I get!

Tried to call Kaceys school again about scheduling a meeting. Sally said she gave Dr. T the message and they are waiting for the teachers to get back and they would call me and let me know when we would meet. I dont wanna put it off too long because Open House is next Thurs and I dont want to spring this on them.

On a good note...Kay went to Va Beach and played a scrimmage game on the turf field at the Va Beach Olympic Training Center. They won 1-0. I couldnt be there (and Im sad I didnt go) but with traffic and all...there was just no way I could. She went to dinner with the team afterward and she had a great time! She was a motor mouth when she got in the car...telling me all about the game...and how she got to play most of the game :) So thats wonderful!

Well...I think Im gonna go try and get a hot bath...I need it :(

Just having an all around rough day :(

Til tomorrow...
~*~JILL~*~ (Forever 32) *wink*

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Sheri Caldwell Turner said...

Hang in there. Crazy roller coaster blood sugar days (weeks) are hard but you'll get through it.

Nikki has a MySpace page, maybe your daughter and Nikki can write to each other; it would be great for them both. I'll send you an invite from her page.

BTW, you and I just added each other on No Sugar Needed