Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Seeing "Normal" in sight!

Well...it looks like there may be a bit of "normal" headed our way! I finally got a full night sleep last night! Yesterday at lunch Kaceys sugar went up to 202. So I figured we were on the same roller coaster as we were the last 2 days. Well as I was totalling her dose she says "Oh gosh Mommy! I forgot to tell you I had milk with my breakfast" ....yikes! So that was 12 carbs unaccounted for....yep...thats what caused the level to jump! So by dinner she was still a 200...but its ok because by bedtime she was a 135!!! YAYYYYYYYYY!!! Finally back in range :D I didnt have to get up in the middle of the night last night and actually fell asleep as soon as I layed down in bed to watch the Olympics...LOL! I was even told this morning that I had to be shoved because I was snoring...hahaha! I had a great night sleep....wonderful dreams *wink* ....and woke up refreshed at 7am! I woke Kacey up at 8am and she tested at a 127!! Woohooooo! Hopefully things are starting to turn and we're on our way to things looking up :)

Today is Kays first scrimmage JV hockey game against Tabb. She's really excited :) These 2 scrimmage games will determine the starting line up! She's definately playing defense...we're just not sure if shes starting yet. I know she'll do good though!

So Im off til later....

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