Monday, August 18, 2008

Long Night

OK... the alarm went off at 1am and I stumbled to Kaceys room...shook her a bit and told her it was time to "See how sweet she was?" (in other words...check her sugar). She stuck one finger out of the covers and never moved the whole time. I was trying to get my eyes open enough to read the glucose machine in the dim light from her night light... 23?!?! NOOOOOOOO... I rushed out to the bright light in the dining room... 231...whew! So she was still running high. I tried to get her to drink but she didnt want any parts of it. So I covered her back up and stumbled back to bed....tossed and turned to get comfy....and finally dozed off somewhere between 3am and 4am. Got up around 7am and tiptoed to her room just to check on her. By 8am I woke her for her finger stick...137. Geesh!!! So now we're back within normal range...she just had we'll see how the rest of the day goes :) Im glad Kays practice is later this week! We dont have to rush so much in the morning.

I will update more later!


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