Monday, August 11, 2008

CHKD Diabetes Carnival

We had the Diabetes Carnival tonight at CHKD. It was lots of fun for Kacey to be around other kids going thru the same thing she is. Most everyone we met were years into their diagnosis but it was great to be able to talk to others and hear their stories and what worked for them. I asked tons of questions about the pump and I think Ive changed my mind about how I feel about it. I also think Kacey has too! She originally didn't want it because she didn't want to be connected to it all the time but seeing the other kids with them and how much easier it makes life was a huge eye opener! Many of the kids were quick to tell us about their pumps and show us their sites and it made us feel really comfortable! Kacey also got to see Madison!!! This was the first time since we left the hospital that we've been able to get together :) It was really nice to see them feeling so much better. I got to talk to Patty for quite a while and we both were in much better shape than we were the last time we talked! I got all Kaceys paperwork for school. Im still very nervous about her going back! I heard a few "horror stories" while we were at the carnival. One mother said that her reason for getting her daughter on the pump was because her school had a sub nurse that day and her daughter wasnt feeling well and she went to school to check on her and the sub nurse figured her daughters dose wrong and instead of her daughter only getting 1/2 unit...this nurse was going to give her 5 units!!!! OMG!!!! My heart sank because thats EXACTLY what Im afraid of!! So Im hoping that within the next 6 months we can get her on the pump :) Anyway...we didnt win the Jonas Brothers tickets....but we walked away with something more valuable and that was ....experience and more friends! Theres a support group for parents of kids with diabetes that I think I might join. Im still feeling so stressed some days and I think to ease much of that and for someone to just say... "You're normal to feel this!"

So thats about it for now! Just have to schedule an appt with school :)

~*~ JILL ~*~

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