Saturday, August 9, 2008

Good week...but BUSY!

We had a really good week this week. Only a couple of lows but not anything to get all upset over. Since Kacey's dose was backed to 17 units she's done really well staying in range. She did drop to an 83 at one point...which isnt a real low...but she started to get shaky and actually asked to test to make sure she wasnt too low. So Im glad shes really starting to get in touch with her own body and feel the warning signs. It makes me feel alot better because even at an 83...she ate lunch and bounced right back we didnt get all upset about it dropping.

I got a chance to speak to her school nurse this week. So shes got a heads up as to what Kacey is facing this year and once we go back to CHKD on Monday then we will have all the paperwork to take to school and set up a meeting with all the teachers. Im still REALLY nervous about her going back and I talked to Frankie and I think my plan is going to be... take her to school in the morning so she doesnt have to be on the bus for an hour and then go back and meet her before lunch to do her fingerstick and then have lunch with her and then go to the nurse with her so she can get her shot then come back and get her in the afternoon. Until she gets in a set routine, then I think I will feel much more at ease doing it this way. Shes still doing her own fingersticks so if we can get her to do her shots within the next few weeks then that would be great! Im not gonna push her though :) She actually started the Kwik pens this week and they are MUCh easier than drawing up the insulin and making sure you got the bubbles out!

I did manage to have some "Mommy time" this morning. I left at 8:30am to get my hair cut and didnt come home til thats a big step :) I actually needed it!! Although...I did wake Kacey up and did her fingerstick, breakfast and shot before I left...just to keep things calm. I still have moments where I feel so overwhelmed and break down into tears...and Im sure those moments wont go away overnight...but then I sit and remind myself at how far we've come in just 3 short weeks! I had a blow up with Frankie earlier in the week because I needed some free time and all I wanted was to drive and pick Kay up from hockey and be in the car ....ALONE! So I finally got that today. I didnt even turn the radio on...I just drove :D

Some good news to report....Kayleigh made the JV Field Hockey team so all her hard work paid off and she was thrilled! Shes had practice everyday this week from 8-11:30am and then on T and Th she had to go back from it took us a little while to adjust to all the running but we did fine! It doesnt end now though...that schedule will be the same til school starts...haha! But now that we have a set routine then we should be ok :) We just get up and I take her to practice and then Kacey and I come back home and do fingerstick, bfast and shot....and then we go get Kay and come back home for lunch. When she has to go back for the evening, Frankie and I worked out a schedule so I have her fed and her shot done when he gets home and then I can leave to go back to school...ALONE....and watch the end of Kays practice in peace :D I think it will work out just fine that way!

Well...I guess thats all for now...thanks for reading!

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Caitlin Nichols said...

That's so awesome that Kacey's doing better. We were all really worried about her. And tell Kayleigh congrats on making JV! That's really exciting!