Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rough Day/Night Yesterday Im writing this with a total of about 3 hours sleep!

So...yesterday Kacey was having more lows. She stayed on the lower end of things on Monday... 101, 75, 93, 113, 103 and 121. She has been on the 17 units of Lantus. Well yesterday she woke up at a 84 and she ate and right before lunch she came to me and said "Mommy I have the shakies again" (Shakies= her way of telling me her knees and hands are shaking) So I immediately told her to test... 64!!! So I gave her 4 glucose tabs and she came up to a 156. I called her doctor and they told me to decrease her Lantus to 15 units tonight. Well by 3pm she told me she had the shakies again and she was a 75. She had a snack and I hoped that would do the trick....NOT! By 5pm she dropped to a 66 with the shakies again :( So she had dinner and went and layed down. By 8pm she was still only a 84 and I knew I had to get her above 130 to go to bed. So I let her have Ramen noodles for snack with some peanuts. I rechecked her at 9pm and she was a 181 and went to bed. She woke up at 12am and she was crying and said her stomach hurt so I tested her again and she was a 194. I put her on the couch and I ended up getting up every hour to check on her because I was so scared. So then by 6am I rechecked her and she was at a 92. Not sure whats in store for us today...but Im exhausted!

Update to come!


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