Tuesday, October 2, 2012

5 months

NO! I'm not pregnant! 5 months....thats over HALF of a pregnancy though!

Gosh! It seems like it's been longer than 5 months since I've been here but its been even longer since I regularly blogged. Why? Why can't I find words to write anymore? Why don't I take the time to tell everyone about my day? Why am I so exhausted by the end of the day? Then when I find time I feel like I have diarrhea of the mouth and it turns out to be this long drawn out post that no one wants to read anyway!

Kacey started 7th grade! I was a nervous wreck when I met with all of her teachers, which btw were VERY interested and asked lots of questions. I was worried for Kacey because it was a new group BUT I know she is a responsible and well rounded little girl that is growing up right before my eyes. She WILL be fine...so I need to KEEP CALM and BREATHE!

My last post was on our anniversary. That was MAY! Geesh where did the months go?

Well we made it through Kayleigh's final year of school and graduation without too many hiccups. I'm so happy we are done with that school! She got a 97 A as her final grade on her cookbook project. We threw her an amazing graduation party with 80+ people at OUR HOUSE! It was awesome and everyone had a great time. She was swamped with cakes to do the two weeks following and so it took a little time to settle in that she was really out of school! She has started dating a pretty amazing guy :) His name is Chris and I think he's gonna be around for quite a while. She really wasn't interested in dating and actually turned him down...(glad she decided to give him a chance because we adore him!) She took a two week trip to upstate New York and had a fantastic time. She's stayed pretty busy with her cakes over the summer. After 2 interviews that didn't go so well, she's pushing forward with her own business. She is now a .COM! Check her out... www.cakebykayleigh.com.  It's hard because she knows what work she is capable of but the two places she interviewed with want her to sign a no compete clause. She's had her own business for 4 years, built her own clientel and now she would have to sign it all over to work for $7 an hour. THATS TOUGH! I know God will lead her in the right direction and the right thing will come open for her. She's waiting til next year to go away to Pastry School.

I met with Kacey's teachers the week before school. I must say...this is the first year that I've had so many teachers ASK the questions before I actually got to the information. Do you realize how excited that makes this nervous D-Momma? VERY! They were all very thankful for the packet with her 504 Plan, Health Care Plan and cheat sheets. They all "knew" about diabetes but they had so many questions about Kacey in general. All of them seem so very nice and I'm excited that Kacey left there so excited. One of her teachers is a girl I went to high school with...so that was kinda funny! Overall, I think we're in for the most awesome year we've ever had. I loved her elementary school but I REALLY love the middle school she is in now. I will treasure each moment this year because she will move to another school next year for a year and then she will be off to the same crappy high school that Frankie and I went to and Kayleigh just graduated from.

As for me....well for the last 2 months I've been so busy. My Mom had a total hip replacement at the end of July so my days of August were been spent taking care of her. She thinks she was a burden but it's my job to care for her, right? She was so used to caring for herself and always doing for others so when she was totally relying on me to do everything for her, she got herself all upset over it. She's made a remarkable recovery and it's great to see how far we've advanced with technology but she's still got a way to go. She's back to doing things for herself and driving herself but she's still having a hard time with a few things...sleep mainly! She can't seem to get comfortable sleeping or sitting so thats been a bit of a burden for her. She went back to work for half days but she still gets exhausted pretty easy. I keep having to remind her that even though they had her up walking only 4 hours after surgery...she had MAJOR surgery and it's only been 2 months!

Vacation....yep! I took the girls to Washington DC for a girls weekend away. It was a fun trip despite the rainy weather. They had a great time seeing everything and want to go back for more touring later. I also had a chance to take Kacey to Lucky Lake for some gem and mineral mining. That beats DC anyday! Haha! It was beautiful and since we're all "rock junkies", it was a perfect trip for us. Kacey actually found some aquamarine (her birthstone) and we used our "free cut of any rock" for that and they made it into a gem to place in a ring or necklace. That was very exciting!

I want to try and get myself back on a blogging kick so I am going to try and make time in the evening to write and have it post automatically :) I just got so turned off when I had all that blog drama before and it's been hard to sit down and write like I used to. I know I need to because my whole head feels like its going to explode some days. I feel like I've pulled away from the DOC when I should be pulling closer. I feel out of the loop and sometimes it's hard to jump right back in where I left off. Depression, Illness, Busy Life...it all plays a factor! I'll bounce back....just gotta MAKE time!


Sandy said...

Glad to see the girls are doing well!

Amanda said...

Welcome back to blogger land, it's good to see you had such a wonderful summer.